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      World Oral Health Day 2024: A Happy Mouth is a Happy Body

      World Oral Health Day is a global awareness campaign celebrated on March 20th every year. Organized by the FDI World Dental Federation, it aims to promote good oral hygiene and highlight the significance of oral health.

      The theme for 2024 to 2026 is "A Happy Mouth is a Happy Body," emphasizing the connection between oral health and overall well-being.

      Here, we’ve highlighted WOHD’s expert oral health recommendations for babaies, children, adults, and pregnant women.

      Oral care tips for babies

      • Refrain from putting babies to sleep with a bottle filled with milk, juices, or sweetened drinks.
      Gum disease and tooth decay are preventable conditions that can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings, and check-ups.

      Oral care tips for children

      Oral care tips for adults

      Oral care tips for pregnant women

      Our oral health is connected to our overall health. Following these practical tips can prevent the need for more extensive and potentially costly dental treatments down the road.

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