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      Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Dubai

      Oral Surgery

      Finest surgical care from the inside out.

      Complex dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions and corrective jaw surgeries may require the expertise of an experienced and skilled oral surgeon.

      Oral surgery goes beyond simple and routine dental care. It involves a more intricate diagnosis and treatment of the mouth, jaw, oral and maxillofacial tissues, as well as their surrounding areas.

      Painless surgery by skilled hands

      With our oral surgeons’ expertise, aided by digital technologies and pain management techniques, you are assured to receive the best possible surgical care from the inside out.

      Our Oral Surgeons in Dubai

      Dr. Shehab Felfel

      Oral Surgeon (USA)

      Dr. Hazel Cooper

      Specialist Oral Surgeon (UK)

      Benefits of Seeing a Qualified Oral Surgeon

      High level of expertise
      Accurate diagnosis
      Advanced surgical techniques
      Customized surgical plans
      Advanced pain management
      Comprehensive care

      The following treatments would require
      the intervention of an oral surgeon:

      Wisdom Tooth Extraction

      Extraction of wisdom teeth (third molars) are necessary when there are issues such as misalignment or pain due to impaction. Surgery is needed to prevent infection or possible damage to adjacent teeth.

      Broken Tooth Extraction

      Teeth could be broken from decay or injury. If the tooth is severely damaged to be saved, extraction would be recommended.

      Impacted Tooth Extraction

      Teeth that have not been able to erupt in their correct position may end up impacted against another tooth or covered by the gums. If this is causing pain, swelling, and other issues, extraction would be recommended.

      Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

      Oral surgery is needed to place dental implants into the jawbone. The implants will eventually fuse with bone and serve as a sturdy root for the replacement tooth.

      Corrective Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic Surgery)

      This procedure fixes severe bite problems, uneven facial symmetry, and misaligned jaws. Orthognathic surgery helps in speech improvement and overall function of the mouth.

      Bone Grafting

      Bone grafting is necessary in case of insufficient jawbone density or volume; commonly used for implant placement or to address bone loss caused by disease.

      TMJ Surgery

      Disorders of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) may result to persistent jaw pain, headaches, and difficulty to speak and chew. When the TMJ problem is severe, surgical procedures can be performed to correct this.

      Treatment of Oral Pathologies

      Oral pathologies such as cysts, tumors and lesions will require surgery for treatment and prevention of potentially serious conditions.

      Dental Treatments Under General Anesthesia

      For complicated surgeries, such as a wisdom teeth removal or reconstructive jaw surgery, the patient may need a more comfortable setting. Our oral surgeons are extensively trained to perform dental procedures under general anesthesia.