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Over the past 30 years, Drs. Nicolas & Asp continue to offer international standards of care, which is internationally accredited, recognized, and benchmarked, combined with state of the art technology that no other Dental Clinic in Dubai can match across the various prestigious residential communities we serve in Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Mirdif, and Springs.


Voted as the “Best Dentist in Dubai”, Our Team of handpicked international General Dentists, Pediatric Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dental Implants Specialists, Root Canal Specialists, Periodontal Gum Specialists, Prosthodontists, and Cosmetic Dentistry Specialists, and Dental Hygienists ‘our Teeth Whitening Specialists’ strive to ensure that our Local and Expatriate Patients are offered a unique family environment that is unparalleled in any Dental Clinic in Dubai.

Since 1991 , Drs . Nicolas & Asp Centers have focused exclusively on real Patient Care reflected in our practiced motto “Caring is our Concern”.

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Drs . Nicolas & Asp Centers

Why choose Drs. Nicolas & Asp

Exceptional Expertise

Drs. Nicolas & Asp enjoys an excellent word of mouth reputation that has been created over the years due to the hard work and dedication of its entire experienced clinical and non-clinical staff; who are a vital asset in our vision.

Internationally Accredited

The Vision of Drs. Nicolas & Asp to become a national leader in education, prevention, and treatment in the healthcare industry has proven through time that we have attained a level of excellence no other private healthcare provider in UAE has gained

Dubai Health Experience

When it comes to healthcare, there’s no substitute for the very best. If you are in need of a medical procedure or treatment then you want to be sure you make the right choices. That might involve traveling to a different place to where you live – also known as ‘medical tourism’.

Giving back to community

Drs. Nicolas & Asp has been successfully running the Small Mouths Program for Fourteen years. Our program is a community service and we are committed to reaching as many Children as we can to improve not only their dental health but their overall health.

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