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      Gum Treatment in Dubai


      Healthy gums for a healthy smile.

      It is easy to overlook one’s gum health as most people focus on their teeth. The health of our gums, however, says so much about our overall oral health.

      Healthy gums are important to keep the foundation of your teeth strong. If your gums are not properly cared for, bacteria can infect the gum tissue can become inflamed (gingivitis). If not addressed immediately, this can progress to periodontal disease which can result to tooth loss.

      Periodontics Dubai

      Protect your smile from gum disease.

      At Drs. Nicolas and Asp, we have a team of specialist periodontists who will assess your needs to provide you with the best gum therapy, whether for immediate treatment of disease or for cosmetic purposes.

      Symptoms of Gum Disease

      Gum Treatment Options

      Root Planing

      This procedure involves cleaning the tooth root that has become infected and removing any tissue that has been damaged beyond repair. Your periodontist will conduct a probe to check if you have any periodontal pockets. These pockets are potential sites for bacterial buildup that will require thorough cleaning and treatment.

      Gum Contouring

      This is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the appearance of your smile by reshaping the gum line. This can be performed for patients with uneven gum line, excessive gum display, gum recession, etc.

      Periodontal Surgery

      When gum disease progresses, surgical intervention is necessary to treat the affected area and help regenerate lost bone through jaw grafts.

      Our Periodontists in Dubai

      Dr. Ghadir Atout

      Specialist Periodontist & Implantologist (USA)

      Dr. Kaizad Kermani

      Specialist Periodontist & Implantologist (UK)

      Dr. Chantal Mehanna

      Specialist Periodontist (Brazil)