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      Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

      Root Canal Treatment

      Best option? Save your natural teeth.

      Teeth are susceptible to damage, whether it be from decay, injury, or infection. Sensitivity to hot and cold, swelling of the gums, a throbbing tooth pain – these symptoms could indicate an infected tooth pulp, requiring root canal therapy.

      A root canal treatment is a quick and pain-free procedure designed to relieve your discomfort and save your teeth. It is often a straightforward treatment completed in just 1 to 2 visits.

      There's nothing like
      our natural teeth.

      There are times our teeth may require additional care due to infection, injury, or deep decay. When this happens, it’s always best to choose treatment that preserves our natural teeth. While the idea of extraction may seem tempting, missing teeth can negatively affect our overall quality of life over time.

      Saving your natural tooth allows you to chew, bite, and eat normally. It maintains your natural facial structures and protects your other teeth from excessive wear or strain.

      Benefits of Seeing a Specialist Endodontist

      Expertise in root canal treatment
      Precise and superior techniques
      Higher success rates
      Accurate diagnosis of complex issues
      Effective pain management
      Better long-term results

      Painless endodontic therapy with the highest success rate

      Root canal treatment aims to clean away any infection from your root canals before filling the area, then sealing it to avoid further infections. Our team of Specialist Endodontists are trained to efficiently deliver this delicate procedure, equipped with the latest dental microscopes and other modern endodontic techniques.

      Don't let tooth pain hold you back. If you have tooth pain, sensitivity, or swollen gums, visit a Specialist Endodontist at a Drs. Nicolas & Asp clinic near you.

      Our Endodontists in Dubai

      Dr. Chadi El Sioufi

      Specialist Endodontist (Lebanon)

      Dr. Yazan Bizreh

      MSc Endodontics (Syria)
      Endodontist in Dubai


      Frequently Asked Questions

      According to the American Association of Endodontists, signs that may indicate a need for a root canal include severe pain when chewing or biting, a chipped or cracked tooth, swollen or tender gums, sensitivity to hot or cold, and the presence of pimples on the gums.

      A root canal treatment is required when the pulp (the soft tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves) inside of your tooth, becomes inflamed or infected.

      A Specialist Endodontist (root canal specialist) is your best option for expert care and successful outcomes. Endodontists undergo several years of additional postgraduate training specifically focused on diagnosing and treating root canal issues ensuring the highest level of expertise for your treatment.

      Majority of root canal procedures are done to relieve the pain caused by inflamed or infected pulp inside the tooth. Thanks to modern anesthetics and advanced pain management techniques, our patients experience comfort throughout the procedure.

      Most root canals can be completed in one to two appointments, with each appointment lasting between 60 to 90 minutes.

      After your treatment, the endodontist will place a temporary filling on your tooth. You will be referred to one of our general dentists for a restoration, such as a filling or crown, to protect your tooth from further damage.

      You may experience sensitivity in your tooth and the surrounding area for a few days following the procedure. In some cases, patients may be advised to take antibiotics or over-the-counter pain medications. Be sure to follow your endodontist’s instructions carefully.

      Teeth located at the back of the mouth (premolars and molars), bear significant chewing force, therefore crowns are required to restore their strength and protect them from damage.

      Our front teeth may not always require crowns if the remaining tooth structure is sufficient. However, some patients opt for crowns on treated front teeth to enhance the appearance of the tooth.

      After your treatment, avoid hard or hot foods that could cause discomfort to your teeth. Opt for soft food that require very little chewing. Your endodontist may recommend putting off earing for a few hours until the numbness in your mouth wears off so you don’t accidentally bite your cheek or tongue.

      The majority of endodontic procedures are performed under local anesthesia, which means only the areas undergoing treatment will be numb. This allows you to remain awake and aware throughout the procedure and resume normal activities, such as driving, immediately afterward.

      Tooth extraction typically costs less than root canal treatment. However, this is a short-term view.

      A missing tooth has long-term impacts such as difficulty in chewing or speaking, shifting of neighboring teeth into the empty space, and bone deterioration due to lack of stimulation. Also, replacing the extracted tooth with a bridge or implant incurs additional costs.

      Your coverage will depend on your specific insurance policy. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers, we accept most major insurance cards for direct billing of all approved dental services.

      Where no direct settlement facility is available, we will assist you in processing the required documentation to help you file a claim. For assistance, please call 04 394 7777.