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      Teeth Whitening in Dubai

      Teeth Whitening

      Unlock your brightest smile.

      There’s something about a bright smile that is undeniably captivating. The good news is that achieving that whiter and more radiant smile is not as complicated as it seems. With modern teeth whitening procedures, you can get instant and long-lasting results that’s guaranteed safe for your teeth and gums.

      Even naturally white teeth can get stained over time. The most common factors include consumption of heavily colored food and drinks such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Smoking, poor dental hygiene, and aging can also contribute to teeth discoloration.

      Types of teeth whitening treatments

      There are two teeth whitening options available to you. In-office teeth whitening, which gives instant results in one appointment, is done in our centers. Home teeth whitening, with instructions from one of our hygienists, is done in the comfort of your home.

      In-office Teeth Whitening

      Whiten your teeth in just one visit.

      In-office teeth whitening is your best option for instantly noticeable results. The procedure can be completed in a single session that usually lasts for two hours. Results can be up to 8 shades brighter depending on the original shade of your teeth.

      Your dentist will determine if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure. For best results, it is important to get a cleaning done before starting your whitening treatment.

      Teeth Whitening Dubai
      Before After
      Teeth Whitening Dubai
      Before After

      Steps: In-office Teeth Whitening

      Benefits of In-office Teeth Whitening

      Up to 6 to 8 shades brighter

      Quick and effective

      Safe and comfortable

      Consistent results

      Long-lasting results

      Non-invasive, no downtime

      Home Teeth Whitening

      Brighten your smile in the comfort of your home.

      Yes, you also have the option to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your own home. We use Opalescence kits, a home whitening system is proven to be safe and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening strips or formulas.

      Steps: Home Teeth Whitening

      Before teeth whitening
      After teeth whitening

      Our Dental Hygienists in Dubai

      Eleanor Turner

      Dental Hygienist (UK)

      Bridin McGlinchey

      Dental Hygienist (Ireland)

      Iuliia Borshchevskaia

      Dental Hygienist (Russia)

      Marna Elsalmy

      Dental Hygienist (UK)

      Namat Al Youssef

      Dental Hygienist (Syria)

      Raquel Gutiérrez Francia

      Dental Hygienist (Spain)

      Giselle Medeiros

      Dental Hygienist (Brazil)