Vision and Mission

Drs. Nicolas & Asp enjoys an excellent word of mouth reputation that has been created over the years due to the hard work and dedication of its entire experienced clinical and non-clinical staff; who are a vital asset in our vision.

Drs. Nicolas & Asp has materialized its vision of offering its “FAMILY MEDICAL & DENTAL SERVICES” in various Dubai communities.

Drs. Nicolas & Asp fully recognizes that it owes its present status to the Dubai Community that has brought it so far in materializing its vision.


Our patients must be able to trust our dentists and doctors with their lives and health. To justify that trust we show respect to every individual, thus:

  • Make the care of our patients our first concern
  • Protect and promote the health of our patients and the public
  • Provide a good standard of practice and care
    • Keep our professional knowledge and skills up to date
    • Recognize and work within the limits of our competence
    • Work with our colleagues in the ways that best serve our patients' interests
  • Treat our patients as individuals and respect their privacy
    • Treat our patients politely and considerately
    • Respect our patients' right to confidentiality
  • Work in partnership with our patients
    • Listen to our patients and respond to their concerns and preferences
    • Give our patients the information they want or need in an understandable way
    • Respect our patients' right to reach decisions with us about their treatment and care
    • Support our patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health
  • Be honest and open and act with integrity
    • Act without delay if we have good reason to believe that we may be putting patients at risk
    • Never discriminate unfairly against our patients or colleagues
    • Never abuse our patients' trust in us or the public's trust in the profession.