Pediatric Oral Counselling

Pediatric Oral Counseling

We strive to be the best dental clinic, so our pediatric dentists offer other helpful services to give your child a dental health boost.

These include oral habit counselling and nutritional counselling, designed to guide your child towards healthy diet choices and great dental hygiene habits.

Not only does this helps keep your children’s teeth in the best condition possible, it can even help break bad habits like nail-biting and thumb sucking. The advice can benefit your whole family, too.

Consider the pediatric dentist as your child’s best friend in maintaining excellent dental health!

Orthodontic appliances can widen the jaw, so the teeth have enough room to fit comfortably and straight within the mouth. Your child can start orthodontics at age 6 or 7 using appliances like palatal expanders to help make room and shape the jaw.

Kids should visit the orthodontist once their permanent teeth start coming in, around age 7.

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