Medical Tourism

When it comes to healthcare, there’s no substitute for the very best. If you are in need of a medical procedure or treatment then you want to be sure you make the right choices. That might involve traveling to a different place to where you live – also known as ‘medical tourism’. It could be in order to seek a better quality of care, a specialized treatment that isn’t available in your home country, or simply to take advantage of more experienced doctors and nurses. Dubai often described as a gateway to the Middle East, is also earning a name for itself as a top location for medical tourism. Already the fourth most visited city in the world, Dubai has world-class facilities and internationally-qualified physicians. Whether you are looking for some of the best healthcare available or would like to combine a medical necessity with a special holiday, Dubai is an intelligent choice. For enquiries or more information on the international patient arrangements, including insurance, consular advice, travel arrangements, and length of treatment, kindly submit this enquiry.



Some of the most commonly-requested procedures in Dubai are for dental care. Drs Nicolas & Asp can offer straightforward treatments such as scaling and polishing, ranging up to more complex cosmetic solutions like veneers, crowns and implants, or to life-changing orthodontics and oral surgery. We are one of the largest private dental clinics in Dubai, and can offer a full range of services no matter what your need.

Cosmetic procedures

Most of us want to look good as well as feel good. Many clinics in Dubai have a range of aesthetic and elective treatments and Drs Nicolas & Asp is at the forefront of this offering. Procedures include medical facials or peels, medical microdermabrasion, and laser hair removal and resurfacing, among others. Products and procedures are medical-grade and feature well-known brand names, administered in a spa-like environment.

Truly international

Dubai hosts physicians from around the world, and Drs Nicolas & Asp is no exception. Our professionals come from such diverse locations as the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East region, South Africa, Australia and South America. So – you can be sure that we speak your language. And, with six centers located across Dubai, treatment can be easy and convenient, without compromising on quality. We offer a caring and comprehensive healthcare package encompassing dental, medical and aesthetic services.

Why choose Drs Nicolas & Asp

Whether you are seeking medical treatment in Dubai for the first time or the hundredth time, the experience can seem a little daunting. Drs Nicolas & Asp are here to put your concerns to rest. Our reception team are able to cater for all patients’ needs and make your trip that bit easier. We are part of the DXH (Dubai Health Experience) brand, helping ensure that Dubai offers the best healthcare tourism for its visitors.

Coming to Dubai

Dubai is truly unique in combining the option of excellent medical treatment, with all the features of a great city or sunshine break. Only in Dubai can you spend the morning on the beach, the afternoon shopping in the largest mall in the world, and the evening at a gourmet restaurant or bar. By choosing Drs Nicolas & Asp, you really are gaining the best of both worlds – top-quality treatment, all at the heart of one of the world’s great cities.