Wisdom teeth are the third and last set of four molars that you’ll find at the back of the mouth. They normally appear when you are in your teens or twenties, though some people don’t ever have them at all. In the ‘olden days’ when tooth loss was a frequent part of life, wisdom teeth would be a valuable and welcome addition. However, with modern dental care now making a full set last a lifetime, extra wisdom teeth can cause misalignment, disease,or crowding - and they often need to be removed.

  • How to best look after your wisdom teeth

Your dentist in Dubai will usually start to check for issues at 19 or 20 years old. If you are lucky and your wisdom teeth aren’t causing any problems, then you can look after them much the same as the rest of your teeth. Brush and floss regularly, and pay special attention to the hard-to-reach areas at the very back of the mouth. Make sure you visit your dentist every six months, so if you do develop any problems, they are spotted and dealt with quickly. Your dentist will likely take X-rays when you visit to make sure there’s no changes beneath the gumline.

  • Potential problems

Even with the best care, problems can occur. If there isn’t enough room in the mouth then wisdom teeth can become impacted – where they are below the gumline and cannot erupt. This can lead to swelling and pain. Wisdom teeth can often grow in a crooked way, causing similar problems.Or, a tooth may only partially appear, leaving a flap of gum that can trap bacteria, sometimes leading to a painful infection called pericoronitis. If the teeth do appear, you may find they are hard to clean, and they could become decayed or infected. In extreme cases cysts could develop. Alternatively, you might find that the eruption of wisdom teeth simply undoes the good work of earlier orthodontics. Finally, if there is crowding in the mouth, healthy teeth can be affected too. For any or all of these reasons, your dentist in Dubai may decide that removal is the best step. You may also need to see an oral maxillofacial surgeon to confirm that decision is the right one.

  • Removing the teeth

Surgery may sound alarming, but it’s actually a very common procedure. First, your dentist will tell you if your wisdom teeth have erupted and if they need to be removed. You may need just one removing, two, or all four. Your dentist might advise wisdom teeth treatment in Dubai as a preventative measure – so you may not be experiencing pain or discomfort right now, but you likely would in the future. The teeth are actually easier to remove when you are younger, as the roots have not yet fully developed – which reduces the chances of damaging the surrounding area. The bone around the teeth is also less dense, making removal that bit easier also.

  • The process

If the wisdom tooth has erupted normally, then extraction will be just the same as for any other tooth. The best dentist in Dubai will give you a local anesthetic. If you’re stressed, a sedation like laughing gas will help – though you will need someone else with you to drive you home. If the teeth are impacted, then the dentist or oral surgeon will need to remove the teeth in sections, usually under general anesthetic. Afterwards, your face may be swollen and sore, but pain relief and intermittent ice packs will help. For using ice packs, 20 minutes ‘off’ and 30 minutes ‘on’ is the rule to follow.You may have some bleeding for half an hour after the surgery, and your dentist will probably supply you with a gauze pad to bite down on, reducing the bleeding. The swelling should go down over the following days.

  • Avoiding complications

After the surgery, a blood clot should form over the area, which helps seal and heal the wound. The aim is not to dislodge that – otherwise it can lead to a painful complication called dry socket. Avoid eating, drinking and talking for two hours after the surgery, and rest for the rest of the day (so don’t go back to work). You might think it best to use a straw to drink, but many dentists say to avoid that, as it can disrupt the clotting process. Don’t have fizzy drinks as this can encourage bleeding. If you’re hungry, stick to cold and soft foods, and avoid chewing on the extraction side. You might find it best to stick to soft foods for up to a week after the wisdom teeth treatment in Dubai. Chew slowly when you first start to eat, as it’s easy to bite your tongue or gum before the anaesthetic has properly worn off. If you have had all four teeth out, then it may be best to stick to liquids and shakes for a time. Definitely avoid alcohol, especially if you are taking painkillers or antibiotics. This might be the case if you had an infection prior to the tooth removal. Lastly, don’t do any strenuous exercise for a few days afterwards.

  • After surgery

If your dentist has used dissolving stitches, they should disappear between 3 to 14 days. If conventional stitches have been used, you’ll need to return to your dentist after one or two weeks. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush in the meantime, and clean gently and slowly around the area.Once the teeth are removed and the area has healed, there shouldn’t be any problems with your bite or with your dental health. In fact – removing the wisdom teeth can often be the best choice for the long term health of your teeth and mouth.

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