Melany Oliver

University of Westminster,

Intuitive Life Coach & Emotional Healer


Ms. Melany Oliver is an Intuitive Life Coach specializes in emotional healing and brings 15 years of experience to Dr. Nicolas & Asp.

She started her career as a holistic and complementary therapist using more natural approaches to healing and continued to learn more tools and techniques to further develop her skills by attending numerous training and seminars such as NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner, Reiki Master & Teacher, Jung psychoanalysis seminars among many other mind, body and energy healing techniques.

She has been working as a Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Guide, Emotional Empowerment & Trauma Healing Coach for around 15years.

After a decade of working with hundreds of women and men and noticing how emotions affect people’s health and impact their life, she now specializes in helping men and women who suffer from deep emotional wounds and are wounded by their childhood traumas and past negative relationships heal themselves and open themselves to love so that they can live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Her Approach to Natural Healing:
• Intuitive Life Coaching
• Emotional Healing
• Aromatherapy
• Somatic Therapy
• Environmental stress
• Lifestyle
• Reiki & other energy healing techniques

Amongst other Holistic Therapies to treat clients with all sorts of conditions and who may be stuck in a negative life pattern.

Who Do We Help:
• Stress & emotional overwhelm
• Still suffering from a broken heart 5 years later
• Continuing to grieve the loss of their loved one 10 years on
• Constantly attracting toxic relationships
• Trapped in disempowering family dynamics
• Unable to control their emotions (react to the smallest things)
• Recurring health issues due to emotional reasons
• Depression & not understanding why (when they have everything to be happy!)

• VTCT Diploma in Complementary Therapies from Solihull College Birmingham UK
• Complementary Therapies focused on Health Sciences from the University of Westminster, London.

  • Language(s) Spoken:English, Brazilian Portuguese