Dr. Mazen Haidar, DDS, MS

Master of Orthodontics

Specialist Orthodontist


Dr. Mazen Haidar, Lebanon, is an experienced Specialist Orthodontist with a great history of success in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of dental anomalies and misalignments. He is a member of the Lebanese Dental Association (LDA), the Lebanese Orthodontic Society (LOS), Saudi Dental Society, Saudi Orthodontic Society, and is a fellow of World Federation of Orthodontists “WFO” & International member in American Association of Orthodontics. Dr. Haidar has graduated from Damascus University in 2002 and then he received his High Studies Diploma in Orthodontics in 2004 from the same University.

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Mazen is ensuring the highest degree of professionalism while completing 2500+ cases including different malocclusions of class I, class II, class III, bimaxillary cases, severe crowding, orthognathic surgery, cleft lip and palate, preventative orthodontics, dental malocclusion and skeletal cases management, impacted & ectopic teeth, open and deep bites, anterior and posterior crossbite. Dr Mazen has worked in private polyclinics in Riyadh, KSA, as an Orthodontist and medical director for more than 14 years prior to joining Drs. Nicolas and Asp in May 2019

  • Language(s) Spoken:English, Arabic