Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth’s whitening treatments are an invasive procedure to give you a brighter smile, thus exuding more self-confidence, the tendency to smile more often, and a sense of greater well-being.

Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Coffee, red wine, tobacco – they all take their toll on our teeth, and over the years we can find our smiles getting duller and duller. In recent years, teeth whitening in Dubai has become ever more popular. With so many glamorous hotspots to visit and photos to pose for, it’s no wonder our patients are loving our teeth whitening treatments. This non-invasive procedure is pain-free and can produce fantastic results, giving you whiter teeth and a brighter smile. And when we have a bright smile, we tend to smile more, exuding more self-confidence, warmth, and well-being. Not bad in under an hour!


Teeth whitening treatment remains the safest and most widely used cosmetic dental procedure available and continues to surge in popularity. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp Dental Clinic, we offer the best in teeth whitening. Dubai has many places and individuals who offer the treatment, but it really pays to go with a professional team who can offer you the best in patient care and modern technology.


Teeth Whitening at the Clinic

The teeth whitening procedure is fast and fuss-free. The first step is to have an expert consultation with one of our teams to check the treatment is right for you. In our clinics, our hygienists will first protect your gums with a shield or gel, before applying a special bleach to your teeth. A state-of-the-art laser light, Teeth Whitening, is then used to enhance the power of the bleach, giving you dramatic results in 45 minutes to an hour. You will find our teeth whitening treatments far more effective than the kits you can use at home, as our trained hygienists can use a more concentrated bleach and carefully monitor its use to ensure your safety and comfort.

Home Teeth Whitening

We also offer our patients the option of a home teeth whitening kit to carry out their treatment at home. This can take a little longer than the professional option but still achieves great results, all in the comfort of your own home.


You may find your teeth feel a little sensitive for a couple of days after your treatment but you are unlikely to experience any other side effects. The treatment is not permanent but will last for six to 12 months – longer if you avoid food and drink which is likely to stain your teeth.

Eligibility for Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening is a safe and effective treatment for most patients, the American Dental Association recommends having your teeth checked by a dentist or a hygienist before undergoing any whitening method. The dentist/hygienist will examine the teeth’s condition and check your dental health history prior to any whitening treatment. In some cases, tooth discoloration can be due to more serious problems than staining, such as root canal problems. Professional dentists and hygienists, like the ones you will find in our clinics, can ensure that you are a good candidate for teeth whitening and address any other issues that may come up.


Pregnant women are advised not to undergo teeth whitening treatment as the effects of the treatment on unborn children are unknown. It is best to wait until after pregnancy just to be on the safe side.


If you would like to explore the option of transforming your smile with teeth whitening then do get in touch with our team.

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