Prosthodontics, also known simply as prosthetic dentistry, is a specialised area of dentistry. It involves both the diagnosis and the treatment of extensive tooth and oral tissue loss.

There are many causes for these losses and erosions, such as physical trauma, grinding the teeth, caries and congenital defects. With the prosthetic dentistry treatments we offer, many conditions can be successfully treated to a high standard, returning your teeth to a state you’ll be happy with.

At Drs. Nicolas & Asp dental Clinic, we offer prosthetic dentistry in Dubai, operating to the highest standards. We have a highly trained and extremely knowledgeable team of prosthodontists, who have a wealth of expertise in identifying the causes of conditions that need prosthodontic treatment. They are extremely skilled at providing suitable and effective solutions, helping you return your oral function to a healthy state and your smile to its beautiful best.

The diagnosis stage involves close work between prosthodontist and patient to ensure any underlying causes are correctly identified. This allows the prosthodontist to develop an individually customized plan for suitable and effective restorative treatments.

Our team specialises in a number of prosthetic dentistry treatments, which are carefully selected for their suitability to the patient’s needs.


Veneers are thin shells that are fixed to the front of the teeth. Usually made from porcelain or composite material, veneers are custom-made for each patient, and can be used to correct chipped or crooked teeth, cover up discolouring, and even hide gaps between the teeth. Veneers are a simple but highly effective way to improve the appearance of a tooth with minimal treatment time.


Crowns are individually made caps which cover the whole of a tooth, which must be specially prepared beforehand. Crowns are made from hard materials like porcelain and metal, which makes them resilient and hard-wearing in everyday use. They can be used to cover large fillings, making them stronger, and to hide interdental gaps. They are also excellent for restoring teeth that are chipped, broken or poorly shaped.

Dental Implant Restoration

Dental implant restoration involves putting a dental bridge, crown or false tooth on a titanium post, to replace a tooth (teeth) that has been lost. This treatment allows the patient to regain the functionality and appearance lost with the tooth, which helps with chewing and speaking, and gives a big increase in confidence.

Complete Mouth Reconstruction

Complete mouth reconstruction, carried out with our oral maxillofacial surgeon, is suitable for a range of different needs. Radical, life-changing results can be achieved with this sort of treatment, which is performed with the utmost care and skill.

Tempro-Mandibular Joint Disorder

Tempro-mandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, is a term for a group of conditions affecting the joint and muscles of the jaw, that can cause pain and dysfunction. We are able to offer treatment to help with TMJ, which will be planned in consultation between patient and prosthodontist.

Whichever treatment we recommend, you can be assured that our experts will decide what’s best based on thorough diagnosis.

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