Pediatric Clinic In Dubai

The Pediatric Clinic at Drs. Nicolas & Asp offers comprehensive quality care for your child starting from birth to adolescence, it runs six days a week at our Marina & Springs Souk Centers. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp, we understand that treating a sick child is more than ordering tests and giving medicines. Our team of experts will take good care of any child having acute or chronic problems. Acute problems include asthma exacerbation, bronchiolitis, croup, allergic reactions, vomiting and dehydration, kidney problems, UTI evaluation and management, fever, and childhood infections. Chronic problems include monitoring bronchial asthma, poor growth, recurrent abdominal pain, and constipation.

A Well Baby Clinic is also available for routine visits to the Pediatrician. Services include:


  • Physical examinations
  • School entrance physical examination
  • Immunization updates
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Tracking growth and development
  • Finding any problems before they become serious
  • Information on health and safety issues
  • Information on nutrition and physical fitness
  • Information on how to manage emergencies and illnesses
  • Behavioral and emotional problems

Our Team

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