Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

It’s not just famous actors and actresses who want a Hollywood Smile; almost everyone wants to have beautiful teeth. It’s because we all know that having straight, white teeth will enhance our attractiveness.
Having beautiful teeth can also enhance confidence. People who are ashamed of their teeth often try to hide their mouths when they speak, which is not the best way to make a good impression on new friends or business contacts.
Drs. Nicolas & Asp Dental clinic is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Dubai, and we offer a premium service at all of our six clinics. Our aim is to improve the way teeth look, and function, by adjusting their shape, color and alignment.
Treatments are tailored to suit individual needs, and we are fully committed to helping all of our patients achieve the best smile possible. So if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Dubai, take a look at what we can offer.

Teeth whitening or bleaching:

One of the very basic cosmetic treatments involves removing all stains and discolorations. It can be carried out by a dentist or one of our highly trained hygienists. In some cases, the gel can even be applied at home.
For more information about one of the most successful teeth whitening treatments in Dubai, please visit our Whitening page.

Enamel shaping:

This is a procedure to reshape a tooth by filling or removing enamel, and it is generally pain-free. The results are quick, and impressive.


Drs. Nicolas & Asp Cosmetic Dentists have fitted some of the best veneers in Dubai. We use thin porcelain or composite shells to create a customized repair for chipped, crooked or discolored teeth. Veneers are secured to the front of the tooth, and so they can also be used to hide gaps in your smile.


This is a similar procedure to veneers, and it’s another method of improving the appearance of chipped, broken or stained teeth. The treatment involves tooth-colored materials being bonded to the tooth’s surface.


Crowns are individual, specially prepared caps that cover the whole tooth. They are usually made of metal or porcelain. Crowns are generally resilient to biting pressure and are multipurpose. Their common uses include: covering large fillings, hiding gaps between teeth and treating badly shaped, chipped or broken teeth.

Please read our Dental Crown page for more information.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting crooked or irregular teeth. It used to be a service that was mainly used for children whose teeth were still developing. However, an increasing number of adults are now turning to orthodontics for aesthetic purposes.

Please visit our Orthodontics page for further information.

Implants :

Implants are a popular alternative to removable denture plates because they are part of a permanent solution to missing teeth. The procedure involves a metal implant acting as a root, or base, in the gum. The implant is then used to fix bridges, crowns and artificial teeth in place.

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