Dental Visit Guide

Dear Patient,

Welcome to Drs Nicolas & Asp centers. Our skilled, approachable and experienced dental team is committed to understanding your needs, meeting your expectations, alleviating any concerns you may have.

Treatment Plan

No single treatment is best for each patient and we understand people have different wants and needs. Therefore a selection of individualized treatment plans will be presented to you including the cost, in a straight forward and understandable format. After you discuss the treatment plan with your Specialist, and agree on one, we would require your signed consent prior to any treatment preformed.

First time visitor

Initially, we would request you fill the Health Declaration form carefully and completely. If during any other visits, the information filled on the Health Declaration form has changed, please inform us, to up-date your records. On your first visit, one of our Dentists will assess your problems and identify any special procedures needed.
As part of your initial evaluation, x-rays may be needed to provide us with further information so we can best evaluate and recommend your individual treatment needs.

Emergency Appointments

Our Jumeirah Center is now open 24/7 to assist all the dental emergency needs. No pre-appointment booking is needed. On your visit, one of our Dentists will assess your problems, identify any special procedures needed and manage the situation immediately.

For children:

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests seeing the child at age one. This is to inform the parents about important points; how to initiate oral health care and begin preventive dentistry for their children, discuss oral habits, fluoride uptake, nursing and bottle use, etc. Our goal is always the same as every parent, namely to have a child free from dental disease–gum disease and tooth decay–their entire life. Routine first visits, with professional cleaning, fluoride treatment and examinations, begin at age one. Later one, as part of the initial evaluation some bite-wing x-rays might be needed to properly diagnose and treat your child’s teeth.