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About Us

Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers have proudly founded the Drs. Nicolas & Asp – Dental Laboratory in 2007. This was to ensure that our patients are getting the best products of Dental Implants, Restorations, Aesthetic Dentistry Solutions including Veneers, Onlays and Inlays, Porcelain Crown and Bridge work.

The Dental Lab; with its strict quality control systems; provides a valuable service to our clinicians guaranteeing maximum patient satisfaction at all times; even for the most clinically challenging situations.

The combination of experience, expertise and the latest technologies we have in our dental laboratory are the reason behind the miracles we do every day.

Recently, Drs. Nicolas & Asp – Dental Laboratory has extended its services (in a limited capacity) to other community dentists within the Emirates to support them.

Products and services


Orthodontic Appliances

Crown /Bridge


CAD / CAM dental dentistry is the modern face of dentistry. The end result is extremely high and consistent quality and precision is passed on to our patients. The design and manufacturing results achieved through digital data are extremely accurate, reliably giving perfect fits and aesthetic results for the end-customer.


Drs. Nicolas & Asp Dental Laboratory specializes in porcelain veneers made of the highest quality and durability, custom made to fit perfectly. How long should a veneer last? When veneers are done properly a veneer will fuse to your tooth and behave almost exactly like a healthy tooth. Porcelain veneers should last 10 - 20 years with proper care and use


Having the most natural looking and comfortably fitting material to slot into whatever unique gap or crack is crucial to giving your patients confidence in their smile. We are proud to say that our ceramic onlays and inlays are second to none having outstanding fit, natural look and durability.


Crowns, inlays and onlays can be made in the laboratory from dental composites. These materials are similar to those used in direct fillings and are tooth colored. The advanced technology we use in our laboratory results in outstanding, durable and satisfying results./p>

Our Team

At Drs. Nicolas & Asp – Dental Laboratory we count on the most skilled and talented professionals in the field. Our company is extremely happy to have amongst its team some of the best experts in the industry. Thanks to their scientific expertise, artistic touch, and the latest technology, Drs. Nicolas & Asp – Dental Laboratory is able to stand tall at the forefront of the dental restorations industry.

“Teamwork is our strength”, so said Bruno, our dental Laboratory Supervisor.

It is our true belief that the greatest goals can only be achieved through hard teamwork. From the first to the last, all of our professionals are truly involved in the success of what we do and will strive everyday to achieve excellence for our dentists and patient.

Why choose Drs. Nicolas & Asp - Laboratory?

As a leading dental laboratory in Dubai, we pride ourselves on the natural quality of our dental restorations. We ensure patients and dentists are happy with the life-like restorations we provide for enhancing natural aesthetics and function.

Finest Quality Restoration Products

We meet patient demand for best quality dental restorations. At Drs. Nicolas & Asp – Dental Laboratory, we craft restorations from the latest materials for advanced durability and dental function.

Personalized Service Standards

We produce and deliver restorations created with ultimate precision for meeting dentist and patient needs. We tailor our services to individual demands of practices and patients. Our service is customized to meet requirements without compromise of high standards. No matter which of the many restorative alternatives or alloy choices our dentists prescribe, any case will be designed to create a happy and content patient.

Reliable Collection & Delivery Service

We are accessible throughout Dubai providing outstanding services to practices and patients. Our collection and delivery service is fast, reliable and efficient to meet your expectations.