Community Initiatives

Small Mouths Program

Drs. Nicolas & Asp has been successfully running the Small Mouths Program for Fourteen years. Our program is a community service and we are committed to reaching as many Children as we can to improve not only their dental health but their overall health.

The program is conducted by our Oral Health Educators who uses Puppets, tooth models, and educational DVDs to capture the children’s attention. The Children are shown a vital demonstration on the proper brushing, and flossing techniques and the importance of healthy eating and of brushing twice a day.

In addition, Dental Screening service has also been offered, whereby the dentist checks the status of oral hygiene, tooth decay and orthodontic disorders.

The initiative is aiming at empowering our children for a brighter healthier smile in the years to come. If you would like to participate in the Small Mouths Program please email us on

Corporate Health Events

The “Corporate Health Events department” at Drs. Nicolas & Asp provides all aspects of Corporate Health and Wellness activities and services; employee health screenings, in-house fitness programs and employee medical testing, cholesterol screening, diabetes and glucose testing, blood pressure measurement, BCA & BMI measurements, informal educational seminars, etc…

Each Corporate Health Event is professionally designed and customized according to each corporate preference.

For more information on how to register your Company for the in-house health programs, send an email to