Why your kids should see the dentist regularly

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Why your kids should see the dentist regularly

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We all have busy lives, but it’s really important to make time and space for dental
appointments for your kids. Why is that? Because good dental health is one of many great
ways to help set your child up for life!

The first visit

You should first visit the pediatric dentist when the first tooth emerges, or when they are
one year old. Go for whichever happens first. Baby teeth are really important for your
child’s development in speaking and eating, and later the milk teeth will help the adult teeth
emerge through in the right way. So, it’s important to look after them well and avoid tooth
decay or tooth loss. A pediatric dentist is a kids’ dental specialist, and will make sure baby’s
first dental visit
goes well, as well as the follow-up visits after that through the rest of

Follow up

The pediatric dentist will make recommendations for the best child dental care for your
child, but it’s likely to be a visit to the dentist every six months. These appointments are to
check on your child’s teeth and gums, spot and fix any early signs of tooth decay or other
problems, and to give any tips or advice on dental hygiene at home. Having these check-ups
also helps your child become comfortable with the dentist, making dental care in adulthood
easier later too.

Staying in touch

It’s important to keep the dental visits in your schedule, even if everything seems to be fine.
A pediatric dentist is specially trained to spot early signs of any issues that you might not be
able to identify yourself. Identifying and treating issues early on can prevent the need for
more invasive procedures later on, as well as preventing unnecessary pain or discomfort for
your child.

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