Why do I get a toothache while flying?

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Why do I get a toothache while flying?

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Many of us travel by plane a lot – and, in the list of things to expect when travelling by air, a
toothache is not usually top of the list! However, it can happen that you get a painful tooth
when taking a plane journey.

What causes a toothache while flying?

When a plane changed altitude, for example to take off or to land, the air pressure changes
as well. You’ll recognize this from when you get a popping sensation in your ears, or even
earache or a headache – it’s the same cause.

If you get a toothache or sensitivity as well, there’s a few likely reasons – and unfortunately,
it’s also likely that you need to see a dentist in Dubai. That’s because the pain can be caused
by tiny air pockets in your teeth which are also ‘popping’ when the air pressure changes.
Healthy teeth don’t have air pockets – but, if you have tooth decay, or a problem with an
existing dental fixture like a filling or crown – then it is possible that air space has formed.

Another cause is to do with the nerve endings in your teeth. If they are not entirely healthy,
then they can also experience a sharp sensation when flying. Or, you might have a cracked
tooth, which can also allow air into the inside of the tooth. The toothache can also happen if
you’ve had recent dental work.

How to manage tooth pain

While you are on the flight, you can take a normal painkiller to help with the pain or
discomfort. Avoiding hot, cold or sugary drinks can also help avoid the painful sensations.
It’s important to see a dentist to establish – and fix – the exact cause of the pain. You should
definitely make sure you see your dentist in Dubai before your next flight, as further altitude
changes are likely to make any pain or discomfort worse rather than better.

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