What to Look for in Your Dentist!

What to Look for in Your Dentist!

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If you want to maintain the best health possible for your teeth and gums, then it’s essential to see a dentist in Dubai at least every six months. Not only this, but you must choose someone that has all the right experience and qualifications. Finding the best dentist in Dubai can feel like a tough challenge – so we’re here to help advice on what you should be looking for.


It sounds obvious, but the best place to start searching for the best dentist in Dubai can be as simple as asking around, whether it’s among your colleagues, friends or family. Word of mouth is often the best kind of advertising for any kind of professional service, and dentistry is no exception. Alternatively, ask the dentist for patient case studies or testimonials from other satisfied patients. Good work performed by a good dentist in Dubai will always speak for itself.

Being practical

City life is a busy one, and it’s not always realistic to choose a dentist that’s located on the other side of the city, no matter how good the recommendation – imagine travelling from Jebel Ali to Deira during rush hour! A good compromise can be to look for a dentist that has a number of branches. This way, if you have a dental emergency but you live a long distance from your usual practitioner, you can make an appointment for a surgery that’s closer to your home or work. The dentist will still have all your records and dental history in order to help them choose the right treatment for you.

What’s on offer?

While it’s unlikely that you’ll need lots of work for each and every dentist visit, it makes sense to find out which dental services a dentist in Dubai offers before you becomes a regular patient. Larger practices will generally have more services and more experts on offer – great news if you find you need a highly specialised treatment such as oral surgery, a dental implant, or if you want to opt for a cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening or veneers.


Make sure your dentist has a professional licence from the Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority (DHA). This means your dentist has undergone the Dubai government’s exams and checks, to ensure they are safe to practice. Additional accreditations like ACHSI (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International), AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) or CED standards (Council of European Dentists), are another very good sign that your dentist is both reputable and safe.


While you are in the stages of choosing your dentist, it’s easy to assume that all dental clinics in Dubai will act in the same way for the same insurance policy. However, that’s not the case. If you have dental insurance, then find out if your dentist offers direct billing. This means that the dentist will send the bill direct to your insurer, instead of you having to pay at the surgery. If your policy offers reimbursement, then you will need to pay for the treatment yourself and claim the cost back from your insurer. Make sure you get a completed claim form after your appointment. Also, bear in mind that some insurers might require you to make a financial contribution.

Ask for more detail

As a new patient it’s also a good idea to ask for a treatment plan, where a check-up is performed, and a written list of the work required and approximate costs is given to you. It’s then possible to compare dental clinics in Dubai across the board. If budgets are tight, be sure to ask if your dentist offers the option of a payment plan. This can make dental work much more affordable on a month-by-month basis.

Keep it regular

Once you have completed all your hard work in finding the best dentist in Dubai, make sure you stick to a regular visit schedule and try to see the same dentist every time. This means you will build up a relationship together with knowledge of your particular dental history. This can make future treatment easier and more straightforward both for you and your dentist.

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