What to do if your child is grinding their teeth

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What to do if your child is grinding their teeth

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Formally known as bruxism, teeth grinding in kids is surprisingly common. You might notice a strange noise when they sleep at night, or they might have other symptoms. Here’s what to look out for.  

How do I know if my child is grinding their teeth?

You or your child’s sibling might notice a grinding noise while they are sleeping. Or, they might complain of jaw, ear or headache. If they’re too young to explain, they might not want to eat, or for you to brush their teeth. It’s also possible that you just notice worn, flat surfaces on your child’s teeth when brushing– there might not be any other symptoms at all.

How long does it last?

Tooth grinding often happens from around three and a half years, up to six years old. It usually stops before the adult teeth have fully emerged. However, if you notice the tooth grinding hasn’t stopped, you should see your pediatric dentist in Dubai about it.

What causes it?

There are many causes of teeth grinding in kids, but dentists believe it’s a response to other pain (for example when teething), or due to stress in other parts of life. It can also be a part of other medical conditions, or because of medications. Parents can take a few measures at home to try and keep bruxism under control. Check what might be causing stress for your child, for example, events at home or at school, and try to find ways to reduce that. Make sure your child has a healthy diet, and that they drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

How should it be treated?

If the tooth grinding continues or is causing problems or disruption, you should see your kid’s dentist as soon as possible, and especially if your child is in pain or, in extreme cases, has broken or damaged teeth as a result of the grinding. The dentist might suggest a mouth guard, which can take a little getting used to but can help alleviate the symptoms fairly quickly.

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