Want Your Child To Enjoy Better Oral Health?

Want Your Child To Enjoy Better Oral Health?

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As Pediatric Dentists, we are often asked by many parents for ways to motivate their children for better oral health. Our little patients should ideally see us once every 6 months. Hence, we need the parent’s help during the time in between the visits. Best results are achieved when we work as a team with every parent to reinforce the message that we send home with our patients. The following tips will definitely help parents understand the vital role they play in helping the child understand the importance of healthy teeth.


Brushing and flossing to keep teeth and gums healthy is equivalent to taking a shower or washing hands before meals. It is a basic hygiene measure and just like any other hygiene routine, it needs to be performed regularly. Letting children skip brushing/ flossing frequently because they are bored or they don’t like it can make them feel like they have an option not to do it. An occasional skip is understandable as long as the rest of time they are following the routine twice a day.


Unless the correct technique is used, brushing is usually not effective. Every parent needs to teach their children to hold the toothbrush in the correct way and do the right hand movements to allow optimal plaque removal. We are more than happy to demonstrate the correct way for our little patients during their dental appointments.


Children may sometimes feel like they are able to brush their teeth on their own when they are not assisted/ supervised in early years. Remember, if they need help with their shoe-laces, they need help with brushing, which is usually needed up to 7 years of age. Let them know you are working together to fight the germs/sugar bugs.

  • DIET

Educate and train children to make healthier dietary choices from a young age. As per the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry” High sugar dietary practices appear to be established early by 12 months of age and are maintained throughout early childhood”. So a”Treat” as the name suggests should be only occasional. Keep a range of healthy snack options at home like fruits/ fresh veggie sticks/ nuts and then let them choose between them. Letting them pick the healthier option on their own is going to be rewarding for the short and long term. Get them into the habit of brushing their teeth or at least rinsing their mouth with water after eating a sticky/sugary treat.


Children see what the grown-ups in the house do and try to imitate them. So to educate your child about oral health we have to lead by example. Teach them the importance of regular dental visits, brushing/ flossing by doing so yourself.

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