Tips for looking after your teeth this festive season

Tips for looking after your teeth this festive season

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Happy holidays! The festive season is the perfect time to meet with family and friends, relax – and indulge in plenty of special snacks and meals. While luxury foods might taste good, they can be bad news for teeth and gums. Here are some simple tips for keeping good dental health this holiday season.

  • Food and drink

Most of us know to avoid sugar – because it feeds ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth and helps create plaque, potentially leading to tooth decay and gum disease. So, at Christmas time, make sure you avoid hard or chewy sugary products like candy canes and toffees, which stick to teeth and stay in the mouth for longer – causing more damage. Also try to avoid sweet but super-sugary chocolates, mince pies and cake. It can help to stick to savory snacks like cheese – as it’s a form of calcium, this healthy eating option actually helps protect your tooth enamel rather than damaging it! Also, try not to snack outside of mealtimes as much as possible. Chewing sugar-free gum is good for your teeth, and can help stop the temptation to graze on canapés and other goodies while socializing.

If you like a drink or two then it pays to avoid the fizzy options. That’s because these contain a lot of sugar– as much as a spoonful per glass – and tooth-damaging acid. Instead, stick to sugar-free mixers, and, even then, try to sip water in-between in order to dilute the damaging effects. Of course, the ideal option would be to choose water in the first place!

  • Keep your routine

Parties and late nights can be exciting – but don’t let your dental routine slip. With more eating and drinking activity than normal, it’s more important than ever to keep your teeth super clean. Brush for two minutes with a toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, floss, and use mouthwash too. Consider replacing your toothbrush if you can’t remember the last time you changed it – they should be replaced every three to four months. You might even choose to gift yourself an electric toothbrush to make tooth cleaning easier and more thorough. All these efforts will help make sure you keep your teeth and gums in best health.

  • Take care

If you’re wrapping presents, don’t use your teeth to cut the tape! It can damage enamel and create irregular tooth edges. Also, don’t use your teeth to break nuts or ice cubes – for the same reason. A hard nutshell could crack your tooth, leading to serious problems. if you have children, try and manage their sugar intake, and take the same care and attention with their dental routine as you would with your own. Baby teeth are vital for the correct development of adult teeth, so it’s very important to look after them well.

  • See the best dentist in Dubai

Before you go away with your family – make a quick pit stop at your dentist and pediatric dentist at Drs. Nicolas & Asp Center. Regular six-monthly visits with the best dentist in Dubai mean any potential problems – for you or your children – can be diagnosed and resolved quickly and easily. No one wants a toothache while on holiday!

  • Treat yourself

You might have been thinking about it for a while – but now is the perfect time to treat yourself to zoom teeth whitening Dubai with a professional. Or, you might give it as a gift to a family member or friend. A professional teeth whitening can lighten your teeth on average eight shades whiter. It’s also a very quick process, taking just one session at Drs. Nicolas & Asp center which is around 60 to 90 minutes.

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