The ultimate checklist for choosing your dentist

The ultimate checklist for choosing your dentist

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The dentist is one of the most important people you can trust! By choosing a dentist in Dubai, you’re handing over the health of your teeth and mouth to someone else. And, for the best health of your teeth and gums, it’s really important to schedule regular appointments with a professional. While this can feel daunting, with a bit of research, finding your perfect dentist needn’t be stressful at all. Here are some pointers for finding a great dentist for you and your family.

  • Research

A Google search is a good place to start when looking for a dentist, though nothing beats personal recommendations. If you’ve moved to a new area, joining some social groups can help you settle in and find all the services you need, like dental and medical care. It’s a good idea to compile a short list, then delve a little further into each option to find out more.

  • Qualifications and experience

The most obvious box to tick is checking that your dentist is qualified to treat you! You can ask to see your dentist’s relevant certificates, though the names of these will vary depending on where in the world they have trained and registered. This can be confusing, particularly when there are a lot of acronyms out there. Many people look for western qualifications to provide extra peace of mind. The most common include NDAEB for Canada, the Dental Board of Australia, the General Dental Council for the UK, and the BIG-Register for the Netherlands. US-qualified dentists should have either a DDS or DMD – both are types of dental doctor degrees. All dentists in Dubai should be registered with the Dubai Health Authority or Ministry of Health. Check the dentist has a good number of years’ experience behind them too.

  • Size of the practice

A larger surgery offering a wide range of expertise in one place can be convenient if you have a large family, or if you are short on time and can’t be running from place to place. Drs. Nicolas & Asp has a number of branches across Dubai. As a general guide, look for a surgery that can offer a general dentist for regular six-monthly appointments, a dental hygienist, and perhaps orthodontic and pediatric specialisations as well.

  • Location

Similarly, it makes sense to choose a dentist that is easy to get to. If your dentist is on the other side of town, it’s much more likely you’ll skip appointments. Larger practices like Drs. Nicolas & Asp will have a number of branches for you to choose from. You can either set up a regular schedule with your preferred dentist or move between branches according to where’s most convenient for you at the time. A good dentist will have a records system that allows them to call or text you a reminder when your next check-up or appointment is due.

  • Insurance

Dental insurance is an especially bigtickbox for Dubai, where most of us will rely on private dental insurance. You can ask your surgery shortlist which insurers they work with – some may offer direct billing, whereas others may ask you to claim back the cost yourself after treatment. The dentist will also be able to confirm to you via your insurer if any co-pay is required. As ever, it’s best to check ahead of time so you don’t have problems later on.

  • Rapport

Last but not least, it’s really important that you like your dentist! Having a good relationship is vital not just for yourself but for your family. Remembering to book a dental appointment is hard enough at the best of times, without any extra excuses not to go. For kids, seek out a specialist pediatric dentist who will be specially trained in making your children feel comfortable, safe and happy.

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