The Importance of Dermatology and how it can improve the overall health of your skin

The Importance of Dermatology and how it can improve the overall health of your skin

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Believe it or not, your skin is actually the largest organ of your body – and, some would argue, the most important. Nearly everyone suffers from at least one form of skin disorder in their lifetime, and over 3,000 skin issues exist in the world today. Living in sunny Dubai can also increase your likelihood of experiencing skin problems, with sun damage being a common culprit in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. Skin problems can cause discomfort, embarrassment and varying degrees of pain. While some are easily treated, others may require specialist treatment. This is where a dermatologist in Dubai can be indispensable.

Dermatology is, very simply, the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin, nail, and hair disorders. Dermatology can also include cosmetic treatments – where the appearance of the skin is altered for aesthetic rather than just medical reasons–such as dermal fillers or micro-needling. Dermatologists are highly trained. In the UK and the US a medical degree is required, before taking on at least four years of further specialist education and training. So, if you notice any difference in the appearance or feeling of your skin, or if you have any other concerns, seeking professional help is the way forward. Here we have listed some of the most common skin complaints, and how a professional dermatologist in Dubai can help you.

  • Acne

Skin problems on the face can be painful, troublesome, and ultimately confidence-destroying. At the top of this list is acne. While over-the-counter forms of treatment will fix a few spots, those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from widespread or recurring pimples, swellings, or blisters (even after treatment with gels or creams) may need further help via the best dermatology in Dubai. Non-medical procedures can also work to improve the skin by reducing the problem-causing pustules and papules, or by encouraging the skin to self-renew. This could include chemical peels, photo dynamic (also known as light or PDT) therapy, or come done extraction. A dermatologist will decide the right treatment for you based on your specific needs.

  • Allergies

Many of us suffer from occasional itchy eyes or a skin rash thanks to some sort of allergy but, other than taking an antihistamine or some other over-the-counter agent, we tend not go much further in remedying the problem. An allergen can be anything, from fragrances we use, to nickel in the jewellery we wear, to cleaning products or other chemicals. If your body interprets that contact as an attack, your immune system floods the affected area with antibodies – hence the itchiness, rash, and sensitivity. A dermatologist can help identify what is causing your body’s reaction through allergy testing – and it may not always be what you think. Many dermatologists use the TRUE test which uses small patches to test the most common allergens directly on your skin, in a controlled manner. Once diagnosed, prescription drugs or injections can help control the allergic reaction.

  • Rosacea and thread veins

As we get older, we might develop small but visible veins and red areas on the skin on our face – called rosacea. Lifestyle choices and pregnancy can also exacerbate the appearance of these broken capillaries, and they can sometimes appear as bumps or thickened skin in addition to reddening. While these problems aren’t usually health-affecting, they can seriously dent your self-confidence. Oral or topical treatments can reduce the appearance of the problematic veins, and laser therapy can help in more severe cases. The laser works by breaking down the small veins, re-absorbing them into the blood stream and thereby disappearing from view. If you have thread veins on your legs, the best dermatology in Dubai will offer YAG laser. Both treatments are non-surgical and have long-lasting effects. For finer veins and particularly on the face, Drs. Nicolas& Asp uses ThermaVein. This is a fine needle which uses light waves to break down the vein – a method called thermocoagulation. ThermaVein is world-renowned, has an excellent safety record, and often produces instant results.

  • Eczema and other chronic skin problems

The term eczema covers a range of rashes, from mild to severe, and is also known as dermatitis. It can feel intolerably itchy, sore and burning – in the Middle East in particular, this can be exacerbated by the combination of hot, dry conditions outside and cold air-con indoors. Sadly, the number of people affected by eczema is increasing worldwide every year. The most common form is atopic dermatitis, with symptoms being red, scaly skin and intense itchiness. This affects no less than 28 million people in the US, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Topical steroids prescribed by your dermatologist can help, and new laser treatments can also assist in more severe cases. Psoriasis is another serious skin disorder that is often seen in the Middle East. It’s a genetic condition that is passed down through families – symptoms can vary from person to person, so it’s important to see a professional if you think you are a sufferer. Treatment can include topical treatment creams, biologic drugs, and even mesotherapy, a complementary form of medicine applied either with or without needles. The best dermatology in Dubai will be able to tailor a solution to your individual needs and preferences.

  • Seeking treatment

Whatever the nature of your skin trouble, it’s hugely important to see a professional dermatologist in Dubai for a thorough consultation. This will enable the best diagnosis and treatment for your particular complaint and its symptoms. This becomes even more important if you have another existing medical condition. For example, around 30-50% of diabetes patients – another disease on the rise in the UAE – will develop a skin condition also. Seek out the best dermatology in Dubai to find the most effective solution to your problem.

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