The Full Mouth Reconstruction

The Full Mouth Reconstruction

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A Full Mouth Reconstruction aims to re-establish that ‘perfect bite’ by reorganising the back teeth, either in shape and or position, and treating the front teeth for that ‘perfect smile’ either with veneers , crowns or implants.

Function and aesthetics are inseparable and it is important to understand that back teeth support the front teeth in all phases of our lives both in the natural and reconstructed dentition.

After a full bite (occlusal) analysis which will include a full ‘waxup’ to show the proposed new shape of the teeth a decision is made on how many teeth will be involved in the reconstruction. The more severe the problem is to start with the likelihood is all the remaining teeth will be involved in the reconstruction. A classic situation is someone with no missing teeth but with severe shortening of the teeth due to wear presenting with an ’aesthetic’ problem. Here, both back and front teeth will need to be treated and it is best done with crowns posteriorly (back teeth) and either veneers or crowns anteriorly (front teeth). In other cases, for example, if someone is missing many teeth the treatment can be carried out with either bridges or implants or a combination of both.

The initial visit/s will begin with a full mouth analysis of the problem, followed by a ‘waxup’ of the proposed treatment on models of your teeth in order for you to see the final outcome.
A proposed treatment plan will then be provided which will include the number of visits, the procedures per visit and costings.
Following commencement of treatment, temporary crowns, which are a trial of the final work, are fitted and worn for a short period of time in order for you to assess the new shape and position of the teeth. This trial period also allows you to fully assess the many functional aspects of your proposed new teeth such as eating and speaking.

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