Textbooks and Toothbrushes

Textbooks and Toothbrushes

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Follow Drs. Nicolas & Asp easy tips for great dental health at all ages.

The best place to start is by preparing a healthy lunch time meal – not only helping take care of your children’s teeth, but giving them all the nutrients they need for a fun and productive afternoon. Avoid processed foods, and sugary snacks or fizzy drinks. Make sure lunch boxes include vegetables and whole grains – and (sugar-free) yogurt with a piece of fruit provides a sweet hit without the risk of cavities. For after-school activities, remember to pack extra snacks. And, if your child loves candy, try and make sure they eat it after a meal. This is the best time to avoid harmful acid erosion.

Mouthguards for sports fans

If they love playing sports then it’s important to make sure your children’s teeth are protected. A mouthguard might sound unnecessary, but will shield against a wide range of potential problems, including chipped or broken tooth and soft tissue damage in the mouth. For contact sports a mouthguard is essential, and it can help bring peace of mind if your child enjoys active hobbies like skateboarding or cycling too.

Good oral hygiene routine

As ever, prevention is better than cure. Cavities are the number one dental problem for children. To avoid them, it’s vital for children to brush teeth for two minutes twice a day, using a fluoride toothpaste. Show younger children under 7 years how to brush properly, to make sure all teeth are cleaned. Check your child’s teeth regularly for any changes or unusual appearances, and make sure they floss regularly. It’s also recommended that you change toothbrushes every 3 months.

Regular visits to the dentist

Children need to visit a kids dentist every 6 months, to make sure teeth and gums are in great shape, with no decay or other issues. This is especially important when baby teeth are being lost and adult teeth start to appear. If you have trouble remembering dentist appointments, or if you have a hectic schedule, try and book your visits when you receive your child’s school report card. Just a few simple steps can help ensure healthy teeth – and happy children.

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