Take Care of your Teeth

Take Care of your Teeth

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The dental hygienist is a dental professional who focuses on keeping your gums and teeth healthy. A person should see his dental hygienist at least twice a year for removal of stains, plaque, tartar and bacteria under the gums, which cause gum disease and cavities. During a dental hygiene visit a person can have an assessment of his overall oral status, x-rays to check for cavities, and an oral cancer screening. It is also important to discuss home care tips and teeth whitening procedures with your hygienist. Moreover, if someone is in need of more in depth care such a deep scaling or periodontal maintenance, the dental hygienist can provide this type of care as well.

Dental cleanings can also play a role in the overall health. Recent studies have linked the bacteria that cause gum diseases to heart disease. Preventing gum disease can also avoid complications in patients with diabetes.

Remember, prevention is better than a cure. Frequent visits with the dental hygienist can help avoid gum disease, detect early cavities and keep a person healthy. So make good oral hygiene a habit, brush twice a day, floss and see your dentist and hygienist for regular check ups and cleanings.

Let us work together to keep your smile healthy and bright! 

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