Summer tips for great dental health !

Summer tips for great dental health !

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It’s summer time! And for those in Dubai, that means cooling treats, fun holidays and days in the sun. During this time it’s surprisingly easy to pick up bad habits, and to let the good habits slip. Before you know it, dental problems like decay and gum disease can set in, and you need the help of your dentist to fix them. To avoid this fate, here’s a few simple ways to keep your teeth and gums in top health this summer.

  • Avoid sugar

Sweet treats like ice cream and ice lollies taste good but are very high in sugar. The more sugar is in contact with your teeth, the more damage you do. That’s because sugar also feeds bacteria that are in your mouth – and these bacteria produce acid that damages tooth enamel. Avoid sugar as much as possible, to help limit the food supply to these problem bacteria.

  • Stay hydrated

When it’s hot, it’s important to stay hydrated. Choose water for least damage to teeth, and also help replenish saliva stocks and neutralise acid on the mouth. Avoid soft drinks altogether. Those with sugar are terrible for teeth, and even sugar-free varieties contain tooth enamel-dissolving acids like phosphoric and citric acid. And – don’t crunch ice cubes! This hard substance can chip tooth enamel and cause fractures.

  • Choose healthy foods

Eat crunchy vegetables to give teeth a cleaning power boost. Avoid starchy junk foods like potato chips, as these are quickly turned to sugar in the mouth. Also, seedless fruit like grapes, and bread without sesame seeds, will help avoid annoying bits stuck between the teeth.

  • Keep your routine – even on holiday

Don’t forget good oral care starts with you. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Use dental floss regularly. Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Include kids in this – make sure they brush their teeth twice a day, just like adults. It’s really important that good dental habits are instilled in kids when they are young, so it’s easier to keep a good routine in place later on. The importance of dental care at home can’t be stressed enough!

  • Stick to mealtimes

The routine extends to mealtimes too. Try to avoid lots of snacking, as this gives bacteria in your mouth a continual supply of food. If you stick to three meals a day, this limits the food supply and helps your mouth better manage bacteria and acidity levels by itself. Make sure sugar consumption is controlled in kids too.

  • Helpful habits

Chewing gum can help neutralise acid created by bacteria in the mouth, stimulate saliva production, and rinse bits of food out of the mouth. As long as its sugar-free, it’s a useful tool in the fight against tooth decay. Avoid wooden toothpicks if you’re cleaning your teeth, as specks of wood can irritate gums. Better to use dental floss at home.

  • Go for check-ups

Make sure you’re going for check-ups with your usual dentist every six months. Don’t neglect your appointments as the dentist can help spot problems early on, or even stop them happening in the first place. Make sure you visit the best dental clinic in Dubai.

  • Be careful on holiday

Lastly, be careful that you don’t have any unexpected dental emergencies. Don’t run around swimming pool areas as you could slip. Kids get boisterous when having fun, but make sure they are properly supervised to avoid a blow that could break or knock out a tooth. If something does happen, don’t hesitate in finding an emergency dentist for help. The best dental clinic in Dubai will likely have a 24 hour dentist that can help.

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