No symptoms? Still see your dentist!

No symptoms? Still see your dentist!

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A visit to the dentist isn’t exactly the stuff of dreams – but if you want to have the best dental health possible, it’s absolutely essential! Here we’ll explain just why the dentist should be your best friend when it comes to oral health.

  • Why does the dentist matter?

Think of a dental problem and it’s likely you’ll think of something dramatic, such as a painful ache or a knocked-out tooth. However, dental issues aren’t always big emergencies, and they can creep up without you realizing – often when it’s too late.

  • Early detection

Not all dental problems have symptoms that are easy to spot. Conditions like gum disease or tooth decay are often silent – so you might not feel them, or be able to see them in the bathroom mirror. However, if dental services are on hand, these kind of conditions can usually be treated simply and effectively. For example a cavity caught early can often be filled quickly. Gum disease can be reversed with a more thorough dental routine back at home. Without help from a dentist, your condition could worsen, and even leave permanent damage.

  • Prevention

If you have another medical condition like heart disease or diabetes, or if you have an unhealthy lifestyle habit like smoking, it’s also important to seek out dental services regularly. That’s because some conditions can leave you more susceptible to dental problems. Pregnancy is a surprising one of these – that’s because in this situation, the change in hormones disrupts the blood supply and makes gum disease more likely. Even if you have the best dental routine at home, and have a healthy low-sugar diet as well, problems can still occur. It’s always ‘better safe than sorry’ when it comes to your teeth.

  • Diagnosis

In some instances you might notice a side effect of an underlying condition, but not realise what it is. For example bleeding gums can be an early sign of gum disease, but with no other symptoms it’s easy to forget about it once you leave the bathroom. It’s the same with something like persistent bad breath or increased sensitivity to temperature. Without the expert help of a dentist, it could be easy to confuse a symptom with just a case of eating too many onions or drinking too much hot coffee! The best dentist in Dubai however will be able to spot if there is something else wrong.

  • How often should I see the dentist?

You should see your normal dentist every six months. Also be sure to schedule in hygienist appointments for a scale and polish – your regular dentist will advise how often. If you have an urgent problem then you should look for a 24 hour dental clinic, which will be able to help outside of normal working hours. Drs. Nicolas & Asp has a 24 hour dental clinic located in Jumeirah – check our website homepage for details. It’s also important that children see the dentist as soon as teeth start to show through. Don’t delay – baby teeth matter!

  • At home healthcare

A good dental routine, with brushing twice a day and regular flossing, is the best way to ensure day-to-day healthy teeth and gums. However bear in mind this is no substitute for regular visits to the dentist. Make sure your dentist knows about any other health diagnoses you might have had since the last visit. This will help them give you the best treatment.

  • Don’t put it off

If you do spot something then make sure you don’t delay going to see the best dentist in Dubai. Even if there is nothing wrong, it’s always better to get it checked out – for your own peace of mind at least!

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