New tooth in one hour

New tooth in one hour

March 6, 2020 5:52 am Published by

Replacing missing teeth has been a difficult decision for many people who worry about the duration and complexity of the procedure. However, nowadays the world of dental restorations has perfected its level of accuracy, promptness and simplicity. You can get a new tooth in just one hour.

How can this happen?

In many instances, while removing a non-restorable tooth, an implant is immediately inserted into its place (an ‘instant implant’) and this is often the case near the front of the mouth. The procedure can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth being replaced all at once. Additionally, a temporary crown is attached immediately onto the implant (an ‘instant tooth’).

Is this possible for everyone?

During your consultation, a detailed assessment will be done by your dentist prior to this decision. Compiling records that include study models of your mouth and bite, specialized radiographs (x-rays), and detailed medical history are essential to ensure the success of the instant implant. With a sound treatment plan from our experienced dental team along with proper post treatment care we are pleased to restore your healthy and beautiful smile in just one hour.

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