Invisalign – a simple way to a brilliant smile

Invisalign – a simple way to a brilliant smile

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Do you try not to show your teeth when talking to people? Or do you always keep a closed mouth in photographs? If you feel self-conscious about crooked or gappy teeth, then it’s time for a change. Invisalign is one of the newest and most effective ways to straighten teeth.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is basically the name for a series of invisible orthodontic braces that work a lot like traditional metal sets – but are more convenient. You’ll have a number of appointments with your dentist, and you’ll be given a series of different-sized retainers to wear as your teeth move. Check-ups are generally every six to eight weeks, and you wear them for 20-22 hours a day. They’re suitable for anyone at any age, whether a teenager or older.

What makes it different?

Those using Invisalign can experience a quicker change in tooth positioning than compared to metal braces. Invisalign is also a lot less fussy, with no wires or bands that might break, and more comfortable. They are not visible for most of the time too – so adults don’t need to feel self-conscious. You can take them off and on, so you can remove for eating and teeth cleaning. No embarrassing incidents of food stuck in braces! Invisalign can also be helpful if you’ve had corrective orthodontic work in the past, but have since noticed your teeth moving back to their original positions.

How it works

Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth using a highly accurate digital scanner. The aligners are created using 3D printing and made up of SmartTrack – a special kind of medical grade plastic, with no BPA’s. This material allows elasticity for comfort but also retains its shape. Each set of Invisalign braces is worn for approximately two weeks, then replaced by a new set. This removes the need for a painful tightening of braces. At first, the new set can feel a little tight, but this passes after a few days. Each set of retainers is also moulded to your gum line, so it won’t cut or irritate like traditional metal braces tend to do. Average treatment length is around one year, though it can be less, depending on the severity of your condition.

The benefits

Invisalign is very affordable, and a good means of orthodontic care. It allows you to keep your normal lifestyle, playing whatever sports you want and eating whatever you want. You can also brush and floss your teeth as normal. Invisalign are easy to maintain – because you can take them out, they’re cleaned and rinsed daily just the same way as your teeth. Having straight teeth not only increases your confidence but can also make daily life easier, such as for eating and talking. Invisalign are also suitable for teenagers, and they have a special colour indication system so you can see if the retainers aren’t being worn enough. If they are being taken out more often than they should be – you’ll know.

Things to think about

Invisalign can treat crowded teeth, and conditions like overbite and underbite. However, it’s not always suitable for very severe cases of crooked teeth. It’s a good idea to seek out the best Invisalign treatment in Dubai for advice on your particular situation. Also, you need to be careful of drinks, as tea and coffee can stain the braces. Your teeth will need regular cleaning through the day when you stop to eat. However, one benefit is that this curbs excessive snacking! Ultimately the decision is up to each individual and what suits them best. For most, the convenience and reduced pain-factor make it a strong option. If you need other orthodontic care to complete the smile you want, then visiting a comprehensive surgery such as Drs. Nicolas & Asp means you can get treatment for all problems at the same time.

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