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It is fascinating how technology is rapidly changing the face of dentistry in a way like never before!

Patients needing dental implants to restore their ability to chew and maintain natural like smile can enjoy it today with very little effort and with almost no surgery.

The beauty of “INSTANT IMPLANTS” lies in the Extraordinary Fact that you can enjoy having your case planned, started and finished, and enjoying a beautiful smile within a day or two with great results.

We; at Drs. Nicolas & Asp; have always worked on bringing the Latest Well-Tested Techniques in the US & Europe to our valued patients. “INSTANT IMPLANTS” utilizes the latest 3-Dimensional Cat-Scan Technology and our in- house Computer Assisted Modeling to achieve optimal virtual case study and digital planning of ideal implant sites placement. Patients have the luxury to inspect their final bridge design and be sure if meets their expectations before the start of treatment.

On the patient side, “INSTANT TEETH’ allows you to enjoy a simple easy placement of implants with your pre-approved bridge placed in your mouth at the same time, with no surgery.

In addition, this state of the art technique is very useful with patients previously diagnosed with poor or little jaw bone to accommodate dental implants. Extreme cases will still need bone grafting enhancement for implant therapy.

To enjoy “INSTANT IMPLANTS” and have your implants and bridge placed in a day or two, kindly call any of our Centers for an implant Consultation. A joint appointment with our Specialist Prosthodontist and Specialist Oral Surgeon will be arranged at the earliest convenience.

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