How white should your teeth be?

How white should your teeth be?

March 6, 2020 7:32 am Published by

Our focus for today is on one thing that is often overlooked when doing a smile makeover. Yet, it is the most determining factor for the patient to assess the total success or the complete failure of a treatment. It is the one decisive element that makes the difference of the outcome and makes the patient say “I’m not satisfied!”, “I thought they would be whiter!”, “Aren’t they too white?”, “Does it looks natural?” or otherwise, simply saying: “WOW!”

Do you find your teeth too yellow or too dark?

Are you looking for a more rejuvenating look and are now contemplating the idea of either doing teeth whitening, veneers or even a complete “Hollywood” Smile Makeover ?

If yes, then you are probably asking yourself: “How white should my teeth be and how can I choose it?”

It’s indeed a very important decision to make; if your teeth become too white, they will look fake and unnatural, and if not white enough it would not satisfy your expectations.

Drs. Nicolas & Asp smile specialists have a secret recipe to share with you to avoid this dilemma: The way to determine how white your teeth is to observe the whites of your eyes! If the color of your teeth is brighter than the whites of your eyes, the result would be a fake look and even your skin will appear dull or washed out next to the very bright white of your teeth. Your teeth will become your focal point to which people eyes will tend to go first. Having your teeth color close to your eye whites will create a visual harmony which is relaxing and pleasing to the looking eye. By doing this, you will look most attractive and appear smarter and more confident.

That being said, at the end of the day and as the saying goes: “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder”. The color of your teeth is a matter of a personal choice, especially when you decide to do a smile makeover. Our team is happy to guide you and is capable of redesigning your smile to meet your personality, desires, and expectations.

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