New Year, new you: how veneers can help you get a great smile


New Year, new you: how veneers can help you get a great smile

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Many of us make New Year resolutions – so this year, why not make a great smile into your first priority? If you’re concerned about how your teeth look, there are many options available that can improve it immensely. Veneers are a very convenient, affordable and simple solution to many common cosmetic dental problems.

Common concerns

If you enjoy a regular glass of red wine or a daily coffee, then there’s a chance that you have some staining or discoloration of your teeth. That’s because food or drink that contains pigments or tannins leave traces in tiny cracks and lines on the tooth surface. Over years, these can build up to change teeth from shiny white to different shades of yellow.

Another common problem is cracked or chipped teeth. This can happen just from wear and tear, or if you enjoy hard or chewy foods that can damage teeth like nuts, ice cubes, or hard sweets. Once a tooth is cracked or chipped it can be hard to fix it, depending on how widespread the damage is.

The appearance of your teeth can also be affected if you tend to clench your jaw and grind your teeth, during the day or (more likely) while you are asleep at night. This can cause cracks and chips from the pressure, and over time it can wear down your teeth as well. This can lead to teeth appearing ‘short’ if they become very worn.

Problems caused

All of this damage to teeth can really affect your confidence too! Having visibly chipped or bad staining to your front teeth can make you reluctant to talk, smile, or eat when other people are around. This impacts all areas of your life, and how you feel about yourself. The good news is – help is at hand, courtesy of Drs. Nicolas & Asp Center.

Veneers – a popular and convenient solution

A veneer is a thin moulding that fits over your tooth – hiding a multitude of sins! They are very light and thin, so they look natural. The dentist will work to match the colour, shape and size of your other teeth, so they blend in, but if you have had a set of cosmetic veneers then you can choose a whiter shade to brighten your smile. Usually made from porcelain, they can also be made of composite rein, though porcelain generally resists staining better and lasts a bit longer.

What else should I know about them?

It’s important to know that having a veneer is a permanent process, as it involves removing a little bit of tooth enamel to create a suitable surface for the veneer to attach to. However, if your dentist is giving you a few different treatment options, then the chances are that a veneer is the least invasive. A crown, where the tooth is ‘capped’, involved removing more
of the tooth in order to fit the crown in place. Veneers can also take a bit of time to get used to, as they can feel strange at first.

Fitting cosmetic veneers takes around two appointments. The dentist will first need to take a mould of your teeth, to send to the lab that will make your veneers. You’ll then come back to the dentist to get your veneers fitted. The fitting only takes one appointment and then, with proper care, they should last for years. They can be looked after just like your other teeth – with regular brushing, flossing and check-up appointments with the dentist.

If you want to know more about veneers, get in touch with the best dentist for veneers at Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers. The team will be happy to give you further information, book an appointment, and start the New Year with a confident smile!

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