How to treat brittle teeth in a toddler

brittle teeth in toddlers

How to treat brittle teeth in a toddler

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We all have tooth enamel, and while it’s tough stuff, it needs to be carefully looked after. Brittle teeth happen when the enamel is weak, and therefore is more easily damaged. Known as enamel hypoplasia or hypomineralisation, this condition affects children, occurs when teeth are still developing, and needs to be carefully monitored by a dentist.

What is tooth enamel?

Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body – but, it doesn’t have living cells and is less than 3 millimeters thick. Its job is to protect the living tooth pulp and nerves inside, and once it’s lost, it can’t be restored. If enamel is thin or weak, teeth can appear discolored, spotted, or can have grooves and pits in them on the outer surface. Your child may also have increased sensitivity, especially to hot and cold.

Causes of brittle enamel

Brittle teeth in toddlers usually happen as a result of complications during pregnancy, smoking, or certain medications. It can also be due to poor diet after birth, where the necessary vitamins and minerals to build tooth enamel are missing, or it can be caused by hereditary or early childhood diseases. It could also be the result of infection or tooth damage.

How to treat brittle enamel

It’s essential to get a diagnosis early on, in order to look after teeth as well as possible. Because teeth with brittle enamel are more vulnerable to tooth decay, making regular trips to the dentist becomes more important than ever. Make sure you visit the dentist when the first tooth appears, and keep six-monthly visits after that. Treatment for brittle enamel can include sealant, fillings, or even crowns that completely cover teeth. These all aim to help prevent decay setting in, preserve the natural teeth, and help make their appearance as good as possible.

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