How to take care of your teeth while wearing braces ?

How to take care of your teeth while wearing braces ?

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Those who have had braces will tell you – they definitely require maintenance! While the prospect of a straight smile should be enough motivation to carry you through these difficult times, a little extra advice can be invaluable. Here are some simple tips for keeping tip-top dental health while wearing braces in Dubai.

  • First – be careful

Orthodontic braces create lots of small gaps, nooks, and crannies on and between teeth. This means that food can get in – and it can be hard to get out. Be extra careful while brushing your teeth, and take some extra steps. If your braces are fixed, remove elastics or any other removable parts, and brush around all wires – not just the tooth surface you can see. Tilt the toothbrush to different angles so that you clean all surfaces, and you will need to take longer to brush each tooth also. Brush the tooth at the gum line, and above and below the braces. This will help move any food detritus that could help harbor bacteria and tooth-damaging plaque. The best orthodontist in Dubai will be able to show you good brushing techniques.

If you have removable braces, then make sure you clean them with a toothbrush and paste, or special dental cleaning tablets that you can get from your dentist. If you don’t already use a mouthwash, your dentist will probably recommend this to help give an extra layer of cleaning power, as well as daily flossing. Flossing needs to be done under the brace wires – time-consuming, but sadly necessary! Waxed floss or a special orthodontic flosser from your dentist can help make it all a little smoother.

  • Foods to avoid

When you have dental braces treatment, it’s even more important than ever to eat and drink healthily. Sugar, and foods that lead to the creation of sugars in the mouth, feed bacteria, and form plaque. Plaque is bad news for teeth because, if unchecked, it can lead to tooth decay and other conditions like gum disease. So, as much as you can, don’t eat sugary treats, processed foods, or fizzy drinks (even the sugar-free versions).

It probably goes without saying, but you should avoid chewy foods like toffees or dried fruit at all costs, in order to avoid a lengthy dental cleaning session later. If you do indulge in a snack or treat – make sure you brush afterward. You might be surprised to know that hard foods can also be an issue – that’s because they can damage the braces themselves. Cut nuts, apples, and carrots into smaller pieces to avoid issues.

  • Using a special brush

Braces require careful cleaning – and more frequently. The official advice is to clean your teeth after every meal and snack, to remove the particles of food that can get stuck. Brushing more frequently means the particles also get removed quickly before they can cause any harm. You might find a soft-bristled and round brush to be more comfortable than a harder one, and an electric toothbrush can be useful in getting a more thorough clean. Rinsing your mouth with water before and after brushing is another good way to loosen food particles, and make your cleaning even more effective.

  • See your dentist – even more than usual

You should visit your regular dentist every three to four months because they will need to keep a close eye on the condition and health of your teeth and gums. That’s in addition to seeing your orthodontist, who will also need to see you as part of your dental braces treatment. It can feel like a lot of appointments – but visiting a dentist such as Drs. Nicolas & Asp can be a good idea, where you can see both dentists at the same visit. And – it will all be worth it when you have a shiny, straight smile later!

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