How to get your Stubborn Husband to go to the Dentist?

How to get your Stubborn Husband to go to the Dentist?

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No one enjoys going to the dentist, though for most it’s nothing more than a minor inconvenience to fit a visit into a busy day. For some, however, it’s more of a big deal and is something to be avoided at all costs. If you have a stubborn man in your life, then you’ll know all about it – no amount of reminders, arguments, or ‘useful’ information leaflets seem to be enough to persuade them to book an appointment. Some men go for years without so much as a check-up! Just what is going on?

  • Understanding why

There could be a whole host of reasons why your significant other won’t go to the dentist in Dubai. The most common reason for not visiting the dentist – male or female – is fear. Lots of people get put off by bad memories, or stories of painful and stressful dental visits. Sometimes it is just a nagging preoccupation that something serious may (or may not) be wrong. For men, it can sometimes be hard to admit to these worries of being seen as being a sign of weakness. Silly as it might sound, they might not want to tell the truth or seek help, in case they are laughed at.

  • Taking action

Whatever the reason, it’s a sad truth that no amount of nagging or scaremongering on your part is going to help. However, if your husband is suffering from frequent pain, swelling, or bad breath and your patience is running thin, then there’s no need to sit on the sidelines either. Depending on how serious the problem is, you could take direct action. This could be making an appointment on their behalf, then visiting with them. If you have children, then you may want to explain that it’s not just in their own best interests – they owe it to their children to set a good example.

  • Dealing with fear

If your husband has a phobia that means they can’t even step through the dentists’ door, a softer approach may work better. Explain to the dental surgery just what the problem is and they will be able to help. Drs. Nicolas & Asp in Dubai are well-practiced at dealing with such situations. They can arrange for your husband to have a conversation with the dentist over the phone, or an appointment where they do nothing more than sit in the chair. If treatment is required, this can be phased so it is more manageable. Or, you could consider anaesthesia, which can make extensive work easier to handle in a short space of time.

  • Why does it matter?

Regular six-monthly dental appointments are essential for making sure your teeth are in tip-top condition. Without them, it’s much harder to keep your teeth clean and healthy – even if you are an avid tooth brusher and flosser. A visit to the dentist allows a professional to look for any signs of gum disease or tooth decay, and nip it in the bud. This doesn’t always mean that invasive work like a filling is necessary – it can be as simple as a scale and polish with the hygienist. Your dentist will always work to the maxim that prevention is better than cure. With regular appointments and good dental hygiene, this can be true for everyone.

  • Other conditions

Visiting the dentist isn’t just important for your teeth and gums – it’s also crucial in helping manage other health conditions you might have. Diabetes, for example, can make gum disease more likely. Dental problems can also have a negative influence on serious conditions like heart disease. That’s because research has shown that ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth can travel around via the bloodstream. A quick visit to the dentist can help make all this more manageable. All in all, seeing your dentist is a big tick for general as well as mouth health!

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