How to get rid of bad breath ?

How to get rid of bad breath ?

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We’ve all been there – you’re on the way to an important meeting, a big event, or a date with someone new. You reach for the chewing gum or mints, but – oh no! You have run out! Bad breath is now a problem you just can’t fix. Read our advice on how to deal with the problem of bad breath properly – for the long term.

  • What causes bad breath?

Bad breath has different causes, but the most common is oral hygiene – or a lack of it. Regular and thorough tooth brushing removes food particles and ‘bad’ bacteria from your mouth. If you don’t brush well (or worse, not at all!) then the food particles stay in the mouth and feed those ‘bad’ bacteria. This causes sticky plaque to form on the surface of the teeth. If it isn’t brushed away, over time it hardens to form calculus. This can only be removed by a professional clean from your dentist. All of this creates a vicious cycle of food accumulation, plaque build-up, and calculus formation. It can even lead to gum disease, where the bacteria gather in pockets between teeth and gums. Unsurprisingly, this makes for some bad breath along the way.

Bad breath can also be a sign of a more serious underlying cause. If you have untreated tooth cavities then this can also lead to bad breath, because of the decay that’s present. Likewise, root canal problems (such as an infection) can have a side effect of bad breath. In rare cases, bad breath could be a symptom of cancer.

  • What is the best bad breath treatment?

To get rid of bad breath, start by thinking about your dental hygiene routine. Do you brush all of your teeth, for two minutes, with a fluoride toothbrush, twice a day? If not – you must start now. Replace your toothbrush around every 12 weeks, or whenever it starts to look frayed with the bristles splayed out. Floss as often as you can, ideally every day, and consider using a mouthwash for extra bacteria-busting power. If you wear dentures – clean them!

You should also think about the kinds of food and drinks you consume. Occasional bad breath could be just down to a garlic-filled lunch! As well as regular brushing, you could also brush your tongue – some toothbrushes come with a special surface on the brush to do this. Drink lots of water throughout the day, and avoid strong-smelling ingredients like garlic, spices, and onions. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, and soft drinks, because these can have a drying effect on your mouth. Gum chewing (sugar-free, of course) can also stimulate the production of saliva – your best friend in the fight against mouth bacteria!

  • How can I prevent bad breath from coming back?

If self-care fails, and you are noticing sustained bad breath over a longer period of time- then you should take the next step and see your dentist at Drs. Nicolas & Asp. There might be an underlying cause that they need to treat. At the least, the dentist will be able to rate the bad breath and decide if further investigation is needed. If it is just a build-up of bacteria, then it’s likely they will give you an antibacterial mouthwash. They might also suggest a deep clean with the hygienist. Any serious underlying conditions like gum disease will be treated separately.

It’s very important for everyone – bad breath treatment or no – to visit the dentist like Drs. Nicolas & Asp every six months. This is so the dentist can make sure your teeth and gums are in great condition, and any problems are spotted and treated early.

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