How to Choose a Pacifier?

How to Choose a Pacifier?

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Many parents wonder if they should allow children to use pacifiers and what type of pacifier is most suitable. Children can use pacifiers until the age of 3 to 5 years. But how do we choose a pacifier? Pacifiers generally have three parts: the nipple, the screen, which rests on the baby’s lips, and the button that is attached to the screen and helps to hold the pacifier when inserted or removed from the mouth. First, it should be of a sturdy manufacturer and the screen should be molded with the nipple as one piece so there is no failure at the junction which could pose a potential choking hazard.

The second important characteristic is the size of the screen, which should be big enough for the age of the child so it does not fit completely in the mouth. Holes are necessary as part of the pacifier, which in case it is put in the mouth it will not obstruct the air passage. In addition, the nipple should be wide enough to support the palate with the smallest neck possible. It is also preferable that the pacifier is symmetrical and has more than one way of insertion in the mouth; the screen should be concave to follow the shape of the lips with the inner surface embossed so that it will not attach firmly to the lips. This kind of screen also helps in preventing irritation of the area due to saliva trapping. 

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