How Braces changed Kelly’s life!

How Braces changed Kelly’s life!

March 6, 2020 10:19 am Published by

Like a lot of people, Kelly was a loyal patient who never missed her 6 months dental check-up. She never compromised her oral health and made sure she has everything under control, yet she always knew that something is missing and didn’t want to face it.

Years have passed and she always heard the same sentence from her dentist:” Braces will help you eliminate the crowding in your lower teeth”, but she resisted the thought whenever it crossed her mind and thought her smile is nice anyway. 

3 years later Kelly was actually grateful that Drs. Nicolas & Asp team has changed her mind. Kelly wore six different clear aligners (Invisalign) every two weeks and it actually did magic to her teeth. She was very happy with the results and couldn’t stop smiling. What surprised us is her feedback later of how Invisalign braces changed her life in so many different aspects. 

This is what Kelly said about Invisalign Braces:

  • My teeth are now are easier to maintain!

Flossing overcrowded teeth was always impossible. There’s simply no enough space for the floss to get in between my teeth especially in the lower front teeth. That is why I sometimes had to book for my cleaning every 3 months. Now, my toothbrush can reach more, flossing has never been easier and my hygienist even told me not to come before one year. 

  • My teeth are cleaner, my mouth is fresher!

My straight teeth are clean all the day, even after meals. I no longer feel food particles trapped between my teeth like before. I also feel my breath is fresher and don’t have this feeling of needing to brush every time I eat something. 

  • My gums feel and look different

I never knew what healthy gums mean until I removed my braces. My gums used to bleed every time I brush and I always thought it’s normal. Now they feel right, never bleed and no longer have this red color. My hygienist is very happy every time I go for cleaning.  

  • My teeth feel stronger 

Before my Braces, I always had this fear while eating anything hard, my teeth always felt standing alone and prone to fracture. I had to bite gently and make sure I choose my food wisely as I never wished to break my teeth. Now, I don’t even think about this. It feels like my teeth are straight, strong and standing together. 

  • I am confident like never before

I never felt comfortable talking about my looks but now I don’t mind showing my smile. I feel better about myself, and people tell me I don’t stop smiling. I am not even conscious of doing so.  On a personal and professional level I really feel satisfied and feel like a new person. 

Invisalign has changed my perception to Braces and I am grateful to Drs. Nicolas & Asp who helped me create this new perspective. Just remember, it’s never too late to get a perfect smile. Straight and Healthy Teeth do not only change your look but have an amazing effect on your overall health and wellbeing. 

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