Help! My Child Refuses to Drink Water

Help! My Child Refuses to Drink Water

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Dubai-based experts have said that people in the UAE are not drinking enough water to keep them hydrated in the soaring summer heat, according to Gulf News. And with children always being active and out and about, the lack of hydration could have some serious implications on their little bodies.

To compensate poor drinking habits, some parents resort to giving their children juices, flavoured water and/or sparkling water to help keep them hydrated. Here is an overview put together by Drs. Nicolas & Asp experts of whether you should allow your children to replace water with other alternatives, and how to help your little ones drink more natural water.

  • Should I Allow My Children Drinks Other Than Water?

It may seem like a good alternative for your children to drink juices or flavoured water when they are not drinking enough plain water, but in fact, sweet drinks’ intake reduces the quality of your child’s diet. Sweet drinks make children more prone to weight gain, poor oral health, and developing the habit of consuming sweet drinks. In addition, sugary drinks dramatically increase the possibility of tooth cavities. And once there is a tooth cavity, dental work becomes necessary. For children’s tooth decay treatment, seek help from the best dentist in Dubai.

  • How to Help My Child Drink Natural, Unflavoured Water?

There are some tips you can follow to encourage your child to drink more plain water.

Use the chance when they are very thirsty When your child is really thirsty, this is the best chance to give him plain water so he starts associating it with quenching his thirst. Positive reinforcement here would also be helpful, by talking to him about how water is the best choice when he is feeling thirsty.
Add natural flavour yourself
The flavouring used in flavoured water may lower the pH of the water to an extent that makes it bad for tooth enamel. So instead of buying flavoured water from the store, add some healthy flavour at home by adding sliced fruit to your child’s water bottle.

This will add fun and will make his water bottle appealing. He may even come up with his own fruit combos – like lemon and raspberries or cucumber and strawberries.

Send water with your child to school
Water may not be very easily accessible in school, and the time they have to drink from the drinking fountain may be very limited. Pack his favourite water bottle in his lunch box to keep him motivated to use it.

Drink water yourself
Yes, that’s right. Children do as you do, not as you say. So by modelling the behaviour yourself, you are already teaching them about the importance of drinking water and they are more likely to take up the habit themselves. To sum up, water is very important to your children’s diets and should never be replaced by flavoured or sparkling water, sugary drinks or juices. Make use of the tips above to encourage healthy drinking habits, and visit their dentist regularly to make sure their white pearls are as healthy as they can be.

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