Got a missing tooth? Here’s what to do

Got a missing tooth? Here’s what to do

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It might have been through a sports accident, tooth decay, or a slip or fall, but if you have missing teeth then you know how much it can affect your life. Having one or more missing teeth can affect the way you talk, eat, and speak, as well as attracting some unwanted stares – especially if the gap is at the front of your mouth. However, help is at hand thanks to modern dentistry! There are a number of options that can all help improve the look of your smile.

  • Why should I bother?

Having a missing tooth can affect the rest of your teeth, too. With the gap, surrounding teeth can ‘wander’, creating gaps elsewhere and leading to potential issues with trapped food and gum disease. Without the correct support, it can also affect your muscles, creating a ‘sagged’ effect.

  • Implants

One of the most common – and effective – forms of dental treatment in Dubai is an implant. A titanium post is inserted into the gum, and a crown placed on top of that. The whole procedure takes two or three appointments and is permanent. Over time, the post fuses to your bone – meaning that it acts just like a natural tooth, with no stress on surrounding teeth. The crown is usually made of ceramic, lasts 10-15 years, and is easily replaced. This is also one of the most natural-looking solutions, as the crown is tailor-made for you, with a shape and colour that exactly matches the missing tooth. For the best dental implants in Dubai, you should consult a specialist surgery such as at Drs. Nicolas & Asp.

  • Bridges

Sometimes an implant isn’t the best solution. In these cases, a bridge can be a good alternative. As the name suggests, this solution creates a bridge effect – it’s achieved by creating two crowns for the surrounding teeth, with false teeth in the middle(called a pontic) where the gap is. The surrounding crowns support the bridge. The false teeth might be made of an alloy or porcelain. A bridge requires several appointments, giving enough time for the surrounding teeth to be prepared, a mould of your teeth to be taken, and the permanent bridge to be fitted and checked. All in all, this solution can last up to 15 years if you look after it well and practice good oral hygiene day-to-day. Good advice whether you have a bridge or not!

  • Dentures

If you have a lot of missing teeth or missing teeth in different parts of the mouth, then false teeth may suit you. A partial denture can have one or more false teeth on it, and it can be made entirely of plastic or plastic with wire. Both types will have clips to keep the denture in place. Using metal means your denture is stronger and lighter. Complete dentures will replace all your teeth, whether in your upper or lower jaw. All types can be easily removed and will need to be kept clean with brushing and soaking. Even if you have full dentures, you’ll still need to brush any remaining teeth as well as your gums and tongue, to make sure mouth health is at its best.

  • Hollywood smile

Your dental treatment in Dubai could be solved by the Hollywood smile – a type of treatment that offers a complete smile makeover, taking into account all the kinds of solutions that may be suitable for you, and giving a complete recommendation plan. This can be really worthwhile if it’s likely you’ll need some serious work on restoring your smile.

  • Please remember

For all types of treatment, good dental health is necessary for work to be successful. That means the dentist will need to check for any signs of gum disease or decay, as this will need to be fixed before restorative work begins.

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