Goodbye Bad Breath!

Goodbye Bad Breath!

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Everyone needs to start his/her day whether in school, at work or even at home with a fresh healthy smile. However, having a bad breath can affect your social life as well as your self-esteem.

What are the causes of bad breath?

Some types of food like strong garlic or onions may be a temporary reason for this. They are digested through the blood stream reaching the lungs and unfortunately causing bad breath. No mouthwash can entirely solve the problem unless the food completely passes through the body. So, if you have an important meeting, consider what you are going to have for dinner the previous night.

There are, however, causes for a chronic bad breath. These are ?

1. Bad oral hygiene habits: Improper and Irregular brushing and flossing may lead to accumulation of food particles around your teeth and tongue which can be a constant reason why your mouth does not smell fresh.

2. Periodontal disease: A bad oral smell can be a sign of periodontal (gum) disease. This is usually due to the buildup of plaque which is the home of growing bacteria inside the mouth.

3. Smoking: Tobacco use, nowadays, is one of the main reasons why people suffer from a bad breath and chewing a gum after smoking is never a long-term solution to such a problem.

4. Dry mouth: Age, mouth-breathing, the use of medications as well as some problems in the salivary glands may lead a pronounced decrease in the saliva inside the mouth. No saliva means no constant cleaning of the teeth, no moistening of the mouth resulting in bad breath.

5. Other diseases: Bad breath in the mouth sometimes can indicate a general disease a person is suffering from, usually in the lungs or in the stomach and cannot be controlled unless the underlying disease is properly treated.

Your dentist will help you wave your bad breath a forever goodbye. Never miss your 6-months dental check-up. Your dentist will evaluate your oral condition, advise you for proper oral habits, and book you for a professional cleaning session to help eradicate any plaque or food particles.

If you need any further treatment, your dentist will definitely be the person to recognize that. It doesn’t matter how good your smile looks, have a new start and start fresh!

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