Does My Child Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Does My Child Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Sounds like a rather naïve question, right? Where cosmetic dentistry is not something you would normally associate with children, there are a few cases where little ones may need cosmetic treatments, especially when cracked, chipped or absent teeth are negatively affecting their self-image. And because a child’s confidence should never be compromised, Drs Nicolas & Asp have put together a complete guide for cases where your child may need a cosmetic treatment.

  • Misshapen teeth

This is one of the most common problems children seek dental care for around their early teenage years. If children have crooked, overlapping or overcrowded teeth – or even a bad bite medically known as “malocclusion,” it may be time for braces or other forms of orthodontic treatments.

Teeth alignment can play a major role in enhancing your child’s smile to make him shine with confidence! Not only that, but crooked and misaligned teeth are difficult to clean which paves the way for tooth decay and possible tooth loss, whereas having straight teeth helps maintain good oral health.

At Drs Nicolas & Asp, our paediatric dentists and orthodontists perform careful evaluations in our dental clinics to ensure orthodontic treatment options are personalized to fit every individual child. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that a child makes their first visit to the orthodontist around their seventh birthday. The eruption of their first permanent molars and incisors happening around this time makes it the ideal age to determine if orthodontic treatment may be needed down the road.

Other treatments to cover a poorly shaped tooth include zirconium crowns (which are better suited for children than stainless steel crowns) as well as composite crowns (which have the benefit of being very convenient and can be prepared during the same visit). Paediatric crowns may also be used to treat several other conditions such as protecting a weak tooth from fracturing, replacing a large filling when the tooth has been largely damaged or covering a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment.

  • Losing front teeth too early

While baby teeth are only to stay in your child’s mouth for a few years before their permanent adult teeth erupt, they do have a vital role in the development of the jaw, muscles and adult teeth. Sometimes, a child loses a baby tooth too soon due to accidents or having to extract the tooth due to severe decay – sometimes the baby tooth does not grow at all.

While Drs Nicolas & Asp dentists do not recommend implants at all for individuals under 18 or 20 years old whose jaws would still be considered underdeveloped, a Robert Appliance may be applied to replace early lost front teeth in order to prevent any future misalignment. Make sure to consult your child’s dentist to understand the different paediatric dental treatment options and choose the best for your child thereof.

  • Discoloration

It is important to know that white teeth do not mean healthy teeth, and similarly, yellow teeth do not indicate a lack of oral health. While teeth whitening is not completely forbidden for children, it is not recommended for primary teeth as they have a large pulp and may be too sensitive to the whitening process.

If your child has already lost all their baby teeth and had all their adult teeth erupt and in place, and has already completed any planned orthodontic treatments, they may come in for an evaluation by one of our world-class paediatric dentists to determine whether they are fit for teeth whitening treatment.

If your child is experiencing misshapen teeth, early tooth loss or discolouration, make sure to visit one of our Drs Nicolas & Asp dental clinic branches for a thorough consultation by our top-notch paediatric dentists to guarantee the best choices of treatment for your child.

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