Dental Implants, your third set of teeth

Dental Implants, your third set of teeth

March 6, 2020 10:13 am Published by

Every human being has two sets of teeth and like everything in our human body, teeth age with time. If cared for properly, your teeth can last a lifetime. When this is not the case, Drs. Nicolas & Asp Centers can help you have a third set of teeth if needed. 

Technology has significantly improved our way of living in so many aspects and has made an enormous positive effect in the field of dentistry, especially in terms of dental implants. 

From the initial smooth surfaces to the current, acid etched sandblasted, nanotech surfaces, the dental implants have proven to be almost like the natural teeth.  

Moreover, Implants are made in different sizes, tailored to be able to carry the same forces that are applied to natural teeth. For example, back molar teeth have one or more roots in contrast to the front teeth to withstand higher biting forces necessary for chewing. Implants are developed likewise to mirror these functions. 

Connections from implants to crowns have remarkably improved to make the teeth look perfectly natural as they emerge from the gum tissues. Second to none materials are used for the crowns to imitate natural aesthetics, function and durability. 

With the attention to all these details and more, our team of Specialists in collaboration with Drs. Nicolas & Asp Laboratory, take pride in being able to create a third set of teeth, a gift to the overall wellbeing. 

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