Broken Dental Crown – What to Do?


Broken Dental Crown – What to Do?

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Accidents happen, and if you’ve broken a dental crown then it’s important to know what to do next.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown works like a cap on top of your existing tooth – looking and feeling just like a natural one. It’s used for many different things, including strengthening a weak or broken tooth, holding a bridge in place, or covering a dental implant.

What causes a broken dental crown?

Ceramic or porcelain-only crowns are less strong and more likely to break, although it is rare – and they can last more than 10 years. A chip, crack or fracture might happen as a result of teeth grinding, biting, or chewing on something very hard, or from simple tooth decay.

Basically – anything that stresses your tooth. It could also be down to simple wear and tear if the crown is very old.

How will I know?

The damage might so small you don’t immediately notice it, though if a large part of the crown is removed then it’s likely you’ll have some sensitivity, and it will feel a bit uncomfortable. Whether you feel any pain or not, it’s important to visit the best dentist in Dubai as soon as you see the damage, so it can be repaired.

Quick fixes

While you are waiting to see the dentist – over-the-counter pain relief can help make it manageable. Take a good look at the tooth to see if there any loose parts – you don’t want to accidentally swallow anything.

At the dentist

The dentist will take a careful look at the crown if the damage is small, some composite resin might be enough to fix it. If there is more damage, then a crown might be required. The dentist will also check for any damage to your natural tooth underneath.

How to take care of your crown

Brush your teeth twice a day, and floss regularly to remove any food particles from between your teeth. A mouth guard might help if you are a teeth grinder – ask your dentist for more advice.

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