Baby Teeth – Save Them or Pull Them?

Baby Teeth – Save Them or Pull Them?

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“Why does he need a root canal and crown? He is only a kid! Can’t we just remove the tooth?” A question that often faces a Pediatric Dentist. 

Many children consult a Pediatric Dentist complaining of pain due tp deep, cavities with proximity to the nerve. The treatment proposed-Toy the Pediatric Dentist might involve a partial pulp therapy (pulpotomy) or a complete root canal treatment (pulpectomy) followed by a crown.

Parents might be apprehensive towards such treatments. They usually prefer to remove the primary teeth since a permanent tooth will then follow. “Those are just baby teeth, they will fall out soon.’ Baby teeth shed at various times, throughout childhood. The last primary tooth is lost usually at 11 – 12 years. These primary dentitions help the child chew, speak and smile.

Moreover, milk teeth play an important role in the proper alignment, spacing, and occlusion of the permanent teeth. Permanent teeth grow and develop under the primary teeth. They, therefore, have considerable functional significance. Following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) guidelines, modern management of dental caries should be more conservative and.pediatric of-enlists tend to restore and preserve – if possible – the baby teeth until their normal time of exfoliation.

When primary teeth are lost prematurely, undesirable tooth movements of primary and/or permanent teeth might happen. The dental profession, has recommended the use of space maintainers to reduce the prevalence and severity of malocclusion following premature loss of primary teeth (AAPD). Otherwise, this can be detrimental to the alignment of the permanent teeth.

That’s why it’s often recommended to fix a baby tooth than remove it. So let’s SAVE THEM!

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